Misti’s Book Journey

Books for me have always been around it’s honestly something I never really thought about. I just know in my life books have always been my way to escape on a journey that I would not have been able to go on.

I can, however, tell you how I came to this moment right now. My gateway into the Indie community was through this guy named Scott Hildreth and his book Broken People was the first author I read that wasn’t an NYT bestseller. Christmas 2013 I received my first kindle and after getting it all set up I was ready to start browsing for books. I was amazed by the books that were available at my fingertips and I read the blurb for Broken People and immediately bought the book. While I read other authors I found that Scott was always my go to. I read everything he published and was instantly a fan of his work. Years go by and my kids talk me into Facebook and low and behold guess who they found for me, Scott Hildreth!!! Well, I joined his group and now TADAH here I am.

By that one book and that one author, I tripped over a guy named B.T. Urruela and this book he wrote Thirty Days.  From the day I read it, will always be THAT BOOK for me!!! Well literally, immediately after reading Thirty Days, I joined B.T. Facebook group so I could tell him how wonderful his book was.  Which looking back now I’m sure he thought this woman has lost her ever-loving mind. He made this announcement about something called the Frat and new people joining and I happened to catch a video of this fantastic young guy named Chris Genovese and I immediately fell head over ass for him. The way he made me laugh and how personable he was, I was mesmerized by him.  I’m honestly proud to say he became my first Indie Author friend. Now that being said, Chris is also the one that opened my eyes to the rest of the Indie Community. He encouraged me to go to takeovers he was doing where I found more and more authors and friends.

Next thing I know, Chris Genovese asked me to help him out with a group he wanted to create the Horror Author Carnival.  I was honest and said I have no clue what I’m doing but if you want me of course. Then in this group, I’ll be damned if I didn’t meet even more people that not ONLY are kickass authors that I love, but they are friends that I adore. Oh, and did I mention a few of them were crazy enough to ask me to be their PA?

So now here I am the lady that always says I’m a Mom of 4 and a Mimi to 5, the one that is scared to death of computers and Snapchat is my nemesis for life.  I now have these fantastic authors, S.E. Rise, J.T. Lozano, Steven Evans, and Sian Claven, that let me have the privilege of being their PA as well as letting me call them a friend.  So there it is, in my wordy way, how I came into this amazing indie community.  Everything I do with the Trouble Maker’s Library Facebook group and blog is my way of giving back just a small piece of what this community has given to me. 3 kickass ladies that on or off Facebook are my true friends and a small group of friends that are my friends for life.

With that, I’ll leave you with my favorite quote.

Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.  — Gone with the Wind


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