Everything Wrong With Us by Jaxson Kidman

Blurb – 

The last thing I need is to live as the family black sheep anymore than I already do. 
As the blame for my stepbrother’s death rests on my shoulders, it only seems fitting I end up in bed with his fiancée, helping her find comfort in the worst way possible.
Just when things can’t get any more confusing, into my life walks a woman who is just like me. A little broken, lost in a forbidden affair, desperate to find something that resembles a future. The closer I get to her, the more I realize the mistakes we’ve made can come to an end for good. And we can have a chance at something real.
We promise each other forever is going to be ours.
She keeps to her promise… but I can’t keep to mine.
The reason – a positive pregnancy test.
Our Reviews – 
Meghann – 
Just wow! Jaxson Kidman takes you on amazing emotion journeys through his stories and he has done it yet again. He is forever a no questions asked one click author for me. He knows how to reach every emotion had with words. Happiness, sad, angry confused, It’s just amazing how the story can reach you.
You get to meet Trev and Serafina. Two incredible people who are very flawed by circumstances of life.
When they meet by chance it’s an instant connection and attraction. Maybe they can see the flaws mirrored in each other. Whatever it is it pulls them together.
They are both stuck in the entanglements of people and their past, but it’s as a comfort and a way to feel. It is such a relatable story as only Jaxson can bring to life.
Everything Wrong with Us will take you on such a journey where you get to experience all the emotions and feels the way Jaxson Kidman brings it. I highly recommend this 5 star read.

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