Cooper Bennett and Devil’s Ire by Golden Czermak

Blurb – 

The Bear Kingdoms of Louisiana are on the brink of war, sparked by the sudden appearance of a mysterious amulet in the swamplands. Adding to the problems, troops from a demon army called the Noctis begin laying waste to the bayou.

Back in Georgia, Cooper Bennett’s not so secret life is quickly becoming a mess. The Alpha Power within him is taking a toll while the two loves of his life – Alyssa Noble and Billy Arnett – are dealing with drastic changes of their own.

As the southern conflict spreads, threatening to engulf shifter and human communities alike, fate brings all these disparate groups together to combat the darkness.

Can such an unlikely alliance succeed in saving everything they hold dear, or will their differences be enough to unravel what little hope and time remain?


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

Cooper Bennett and the Devil’s Ire is nothing short of phenomenal. In this story we see the aftermath of the battle that tore the small town of Goodman, GA apart. We see how the events created ripples that reach far beyond their small town.

We find out what has happened to Cooper, Alyssa and more importantly Billy. While the three are forever bound together by their love and friendship, all things change. With that change comes transformations.

In this story, the reader is transported from Goodman to the parishes of Louisiana. If you thought the imagery used to bring Goodman to life was amazing, you are in for a treat with the way Louisiana is brought to life. In this corner of the world, we get to see all the other shifters who make up the supernatural community. With each new species introduced you get a peek inside a world that you wish you lived in. Where bears, birds, boars, and wolves stand shoulder to shoulder. Where even more incredible creatures exit.

If you were a fan of The Secret Life of Cooper Bennett, this is definitely a must read. If you haven’t yet read the first installment, you need to pick both of these up now and read them. I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for Cooper and company.

Misti – 

Have you ever read a book and you have to literally soak it in for a bit?  Like physically sit and ponder what you just read.  Go through the twists and the turns and then after a bit it hits and pieces start clicking together for you.  You think you have finally figured out the code to a safe.  Well, I wish I could say I did, however, I’m still in shock over what I read.  This story is one of those that you want to cherish from beginning to end.  The paranormal world that has been created needs to be admired.  You will see every part that has mystified you come together before your eyes.

With each turn of the page, you feel the sense of evil maybe surrounding you.  With each word on the page you see how each word is laid just like a perfect brick building and suddenly this whole world of Goodman is a real place.  A tangible place that you can reach out and touch and everything has come to life.  You absolutely know this world that has been built is coming through with each touch on the keyboard.

The old crew doesn’t disappoint in any way the reasons you feel in love with them are the reasons you are still are in love.  The new characters will captivate you just as much.  I mean who could think of a bear shifter?  Let alone to describe them in such detail that you fall in love with a bear!!!!

When you move into the fighting you can feel everything and see it taking place before your eyes.  The emotions you are dragged through with each heart-stopping page turn.  I don’t want to give too much away cause part of the excitement of this book is the journey that everyone takes as they read it.  The only warning I will give is as some point you may spontaneously combust so be prepared for a cold shower or have a fire extinguisher close by cause you know you won’t want to put the book down for a moment.







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