Being Graves by Drew Sera

Blurb – 

Confident. Charming. Magnetic. Irresistible.

Women undress me with their eyes and fantasize about an evening with me in Club Irons. Those who get their chance rave about our time. I’m self-sufficient, and I don’t need or want a permanent woman in my life.

I like my sex kinky, hard and a touch on the rough side. And I don’t mix sex with emotions. I’m unable to give a woman anything but an evening of pleasure, and I’m not looking for anything complicated. I just want fun sex with no ropes attached…unless I’m the one applying the rope.

At one time I thought I was destined for a life of loneliness, chased by the demons of my past. Things have changed. I have a few exceptional friends who have become my family and are everything to me.

Sure, I have my share of regrets, but I don’t like talking or sharing much from my life. There are parts of my past that I may never reveal to anyone.


*Warning: This book contains dark content and covers abuse in memories, nightmares, and flashbacks of the main character. Please read with caution.


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

In Being Graves we learn more and more about the horrors that Anthony suffered as a child. We also see how those experiences still cloud the life he lives so many years later. However, the core of this story is the friendship that develops between Anthony, Colin, and Matt. The family that Anthony makes with his friends may start to heal the scars that his own family left behind.

While the story showcases Anthony becoming the man that we meet in the Everett Gaming series, the flashbacks to his childhood and the horrors that get hinted at explain so very much about the Dom that Anthony becomes. With each flashback, readers see just how damaging every single day of Anthony’s young life really was. With each chapter, I wanted to hurt those who caused so much pain in Anthony’s life.

Being Graves is another heart-wrenching novel by an author that is at the top of my one-click list.

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