Bishop (A Frat Chronicles Novel) (Volume 1) by B.T. Urruela


Blurb – 

McKenzie Bishop is fresh out of the Army after getting wounded overseas. Estranged from his family, he decides to attend college as far away from home as possible; ending up at Buchanan State University, in Crescent Falls, Pennsylvania. He doesn’t know a soul there; so, it’s the perfect place to begin the next chapter in his life. After two weeks of immense boredom, loneliness, and his own form of alcohol therapy, he decides to pledge a fraternity, something he always wanted to do prior to joining the Army. Enter, Delta Iota Kappa, the animal house of BSU. Bishop is the oldest one in his pledge class and wary about what the pledging process will entail, but like everything else in his life prior, he fully commits. Everything goes smoothly until the night he’s arrested at a fraternity party. Faced with jail time or a Veterans Affairs substance abuse program, Bishop chooses the latter, and to his surprise, falls head over heels for his much older female counselor. He finds this elusive woman intriguing and suddenly, his sessions become about much more than learning how to overcome his addiction to alcohol.


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Betsy – 

Wow, just wow. I’m not sure I have the words to describe how I felt after finishing Bishop last night. There were parts of this book that made me laugh, made me cry, made me fan myself, made me mad and made me want to throw my kindle.

In Bishop, BT takes you on one man’s journey from being discharged from the military after an injury to starting school in a town far away from his home to pledging a frat and the aftermath of his first year in college. Through each step of the story, you see how events both current and past have molded the man that Bishop is and who he becomes. You see how the men and women that come into his life have a profound effect on him both in a good way and in a bad way.

BT Urruela has a gift for delivering an emotional punch like no other author I’ve read in the last few years. His words always ring true to his characters and you can see how much of himself he lays bare on the pages. You can see parts of yourself in the characters he’s created. You can see yourself in the relationships that the main character has with their friends. You can see yourself in the main characters fears, insecurities and tragedies. You can also see yourself laughing along with them during those scenes that have you holding your sides and wiping away tears. All in all, he weaves a story that tugs at your heartstrings and leaves you wrecked.

Bishop is a must read and is definitely on my “to be read again” list.



I’m not sure where to start my review. Do I start with saying I’m in love with Bishop? Or how the books grabs you and drags you through as you race to catch up with the author? Do I tell you that these characters hit you in the face hard and some you will love and others your jaw will tence up and your hands will automatically clench into fists cause you just want to punch them.

I’m not going into any detail because this is a road you need to travel yourself. Feel what you feel and experience it for yourself. For me though this book has touched my soul. This is the second book of his that he’s done that with, the first being Thirty Days and now Bishop have once again brought me to my knees. Why is it that he does this to me, it’s simple….its his PASSION he brought to the pages. They aren’t just words it’s his blood, sweat, and tears I feel on those pages as his INTRIGITY shines through and for that reason alone my soul is forever touched😍😍😍 and I thank you for that.

Kase of Deception by Riann C. Miller New Release


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I had everything I needed, except freedom from my past—a past that suddenly feels like a ruse, ready to ruin everything I’ve worked for.

No matter the consequences, I’m determined to remove the chains binding me to my biggest regret.

I heard the warnings; I just didn’t give a damn, because casualties of war are to be expected.

But I never counted on meeting her.

One look, one taste, one night, and I discovered my mission is about to destroy my future.

Be careful what you wish for…



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Salvage (Savages and Saints Book 3) by C.M. Seabrook Preorder


Damon Savage’s story coming soon…

Love doesn’t hurt. Expectations do.

Those words were scribbled on the outside of her English binder, but I knew even then that they may as well have been tattooed on the fragments of her heart.

My girl was broken, damaged, and yet I loved her. Foolishly, I’d thought I’d be able to banish her darkness, but I’d only chased it away for a few moments in the sun.

I was too damn young to understand the demons she was fighting. But I’d soon be faced with my own darkness.

Instead of me healing her, she would break me.

Salvage (Savages and Saints Book 3) by C.M. Seabrook

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More than a Knight by Mayra Statham New Release




A naughty office romance that will have you saying Holy Bat Boss!

Logan Knight has fallen hard for a woman he shouldn’t touch, his new assistant. Aubrey Rey is feisty, smart and beautiful. Not a man who enjoys waiting, he sees the perfect opportunity to make his move.

Aubrey can’t seem to take her eyes off her sexy new boss. She knows better. If anything, life has taught her men with power cannot be trusted.

When lines are crossed, a passion is ignited neither of them can control. Will they have what it takes to make what they shared more than a Knight?

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Taken by Logan Chance

 Blurb – 


Things change. Sometimes not for the better.

Xavier is no longer the maid’s son. Or my best friend. Now he’s wealthy and powerful–the dark don, in charge of one of the largest corporations in the world.

I never expected the boy who always saved me to be the man who kidnaps me.


Some things never change.

Rhiannon is still as fiery and beautiful as the day I walked away. Now I’m back, ready to seek vengeance against the one man who wronged me. My rival. Her father.

If her father wants war, he’ll get a war.

Kidnapping his daughter is the key to my ultimate revenge.


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Betsy –

This book is a perfect example of why Logan Chance is one of my favorite one-click authors. Taken is the explosive story of mafia princess Rhiannon DeLaurio and the maid’s son Xavier Stone. These two share a past that neither can quite forget. The chemistry between Xavier and Rhiannon was explosive. Taken had everything I love in a good romance – strong characters, a little mystery, just the right amount of angst and steamy sex. Their story kept me flipping page after page waiting to see what happened to these two. Could these two friends find the life they could only dream of or is it all the ultimate revenge? You’ll have to read to find out.

Meghann – 

I know I say it after every one of Logan’s books and I’m sure I’ll say it after the next, but that was my favorite!

I knew this book was going to be amazing and Logan sure didn’t disappoint. It was a little different then what you’re use to seeing but Xavier and Rhiannon’s story exploded from the very beginning. It is full of intensity, twists you don’t see coming and the hot as hell sexy steaminess. It will have you on the edge of your seat at times wanting to know what happens next. I can not recommend this enough. Absolutely 5 stars!



This book right here has it ALL and so much more. This book, right here, is soooooo different than any of his books . It’s also another reason that this is another automatic one click author for me.

Unfortunately I could only rate this a 5 star book but it deserved so much more!!!!


Memento Mori (Masters and Mercenaries: The Forgotten Book 1) by Lexi Blake

Blurb –

Six men with no memories of the past
One leader with no hope for the future

A man without a past

Jax woke up in a lab, his memories erased, and his mind reprogrammed to serve a mad woman’s will. After being liberated from his prison, he pledged himself to the only thing he truly knows-his team. Six men who lost everything they were. They must make certain no one else gets their hands on the drugs that stole their lives, all while hiding from every intelligence organization on the planet. The trail has led him to an unforgiving mountainside and a beautiful wilderness expert who may be his only hope of finding the truth.

A woman with a bright future

River Lee knows her way around the Colorado wilderness. She’s finally found a home in a place called Bliss after years lost in darkness. The nature guide prefers to show her clients the beauty found in the land, but she also knows the secrets the mountains hold. When she meets Jax, something about the troubled man calls to her. She agrees to lead him to the site of an abandoned government facility hidden deep in the forest. She never dreamed she was stepping into the middle of a battlefield.

A love that could heal a broken soul

Spending time with River, Jax discovers a peace he’s never known. Their passion unlocks a side of himself he didn’t even know he was missing. When an old enemy makes his first move, Jax and River find themselves fighting for their lives. But when his past is revealed, will River be caught in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy?


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

What can I say about this story?  Lexi is my ultimate one-click, never read a blurb, I don’t care what she’s writing author.  I know that no matter what is between the pages, I’ll be blown away, especially if it’s in the Masters and Mercenaries world.

Jax is one of the “Lost Boys” and while so innocent in some ways so deadly in others.  River is a gun-shy wilderness guide who learns about Jax’s secret in the worst way possible.  The chemistry these two share is off the charts but it’s the tenderness that makes the story so much better.

Twists and turns push these two apart but pull them back together at the same time.  While his past threatens her and those he cares most about can they be strong enough to find their way through.

Not only do we get more of the Lost Boys in this book, but we also get a bit more information about Ezra Fain.  However what I think I love best is the mentions of characters from The Perfect Gentleman series.  What I wouldn’t give to see those worlds actually collide in this series.  A perfect start to a series that is sure to tilt the Masters & Mercenaries world on its head.

Lace & Paint by Ally Sky Preorder




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Contemporary Romance



Some scars last forever…
All Talia Blum wanted was to escape to London for a fresh start; a chance to slip away into a big city. A chance to live and breathe.
Moving in with her brother and using his basement as her studio, she finds a way to manage the urges and whims of her never-too-controlled bipolar disorder. She has it all worked out: stick to her routine and everything will be okay.
Ben Storm is not part of that plan. Delicious, secretive, and a sure recipe for addiction, he’s a challenge to her carefully balanced lifestyle and the one thing that could bring it down.
As she slips into an uncontrollable obsessive need for Ben, she risks losing everything. Because when her demons take control, nothing can stand in their way and they have the power to destroy it all.
LACE & PAINT is a story of fragile soul fighting for her life, her love and her self-worth, and is the first installment in the explosive True Colors series.

Second Chance’s Kiss: Securities International Book 5 by E.M. Shue Preorder



Second Chance’s Kiss: Securities International Book 5
by E.M. Shue

Derek is broken. His life is hanging by a thread and the woman he’s willing to take a Second Chance on is Sir’s next target. He’ll push his body to its very last breath to save Bekah and Meghan. Derek will sacrifice himself to protect them. He’s ready to live a full life and take a chance on love with the fiery red-head. He’s prepared to open up his desires to her. But will it be enough? Are his passion and strength enough to heal the wounds they both carry? Is Bekah ready to let him lead?

When the clock is ticking, and the bullets are spent will Bekah and Derek find their Second Chance?

Pretty Daring by Jenn Hype Release Blitz

Title: Pretty Daring
Author: Jenn Hype
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: September 22nd

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If you ask me, foolishness is like beauty – all about the eye of the beholder.

For instance – I’ve been told the amount of caffeine I consume on a daily basis will eventually kill me, which makes no sense, because that caffeine is essential to living. Then I have doctors telling me that I need to get more sleep if I want to live a happy, healthy life. I can easily refute those claims, because my life is neither happy nor healthy if I don’t utilize every possible second of each day to ensure my life’s goals are met.

Now I’ve got people claiming that hooking up with the sexy bodyguard I hired after someone tried to kill me in broad daylight is a mistake. And, okay, they might be right about that one. Even I can’t argue that it’s not healthy to sleep with someone you can barely stand to be around outside the bedroom.

But you know what? Life is already short enough. If there’s a chance I might die young, then I’m going to go out with a bang – preferably the kind that comes with an orgasm or twelve.

Other Books In the Jaded Series

Book 1: Simply Crazy

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Author Bio
What’s up world – I’m Jenn Hype.

Author, mother, wife, singer/songwriter, aspiring comedian – I wear many hats. Some of them fit, some of them look ridiculous, and all of them are fun. Life’s too short to take anything too seriously, so I don’t.

Sarcasm is my go-to, especially when it’s most inappropriate. Need someone to make an uncomfortable situation even more awkward? I’m the girl for the job.

I’m ridiculously A.D.D. and I own it. I have a serious addiction to ecards and the majority of my Pinterest account is dedicated to them. The key to my heart is glitter and caffeine – my needs are basic.

I’m a bookaholic and I crush hard on my book boyfriends and their authors. Some might call me obsessive, but I disagree. That word really doesn’t do justice to how crazy I get when it comes to something I’m passionate about. I’m not afraid to go fangirl on you, so don’t test me.

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Raining Hell: A Steel Veins MC by Jackson Kane & K.J. Dahlen Release Blitz

Raining Hell: A Steel Veins MC by Jackson Kane  & K.J. Dahlen

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To protect a brother, I took a hit for my MC club.
I did the time for a crime I didn’t commit.
Now my freedom is here and I come home to find my own brother hiding a secret.
But that’s not the only secret out there.
I find out I have a daughter and I’m sure she’s mine.
Her mother deceived me.
Kept her a secret from me.
And now my daughter is in danger because of a feud with an old adversary.
This war is going to leave someone dead,
And I swear it won’t be Grace.
I will protect what is mine…

Author Note: Raining Hell is an MC Novel set in the Steel Veins that’s chock full of steamy sex, nail-biting violence and heart-racing adventure in a way that Jackson Kane is notorious for. This can be read as a standalone but is recommended you begin from Break Hard.

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