Correcting_Code.1.1 – CONTAINMENT BOOK 1 by Virginia Johnson



Correcting_Code.1.1 – CONTAINMENT BOOK 1

Containment is first book in this sci-fi thriller short story series $0.99!

Cover designed by Anibet Castro-Mangual with Anytime Author Promotions.

Blurb – 

“Welcome to the biodome.”

A designated environment specially designed and coded for the future of human sustainability and procreation.

“John” is the next to wake up in containment.

A place that won’t let him die or escape his night terrors.

A place he has no choice but to call home.

“Jane” awakens in her own nightmare. With every life comes death, and she’s the unwitting victim of every decision “John” makes.

Imprisoned in her own dome, her fight for life comes to an end every day. Agreeing to the requests of the computerized voice and having no other choice but to survive, “Jane” lives and dies as she waits for her decision to be accepted.

100 days is the deadline for humanity’s last chance at survival.

And there are only four days remaining…

Will John and Jane survive the biodome? Will you dare to enter and discover its secrets?

hi-tech sci-fi thriller

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Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

As I finished that book my mind is still kinda in shock. It’s honestly my first sci-fyi and it’s definite not what I expected and that’s a good thing. It was twisty from the beginning and kept your mind reeling all the way through to the end. This is again a short story. However, if you’ve never read this genre this is the one to take a chance on. Definitely is an original and can’t wait to see what happens as the story will unfolds before my eyes.


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