Lover Come Back by Scott Hildreth

Blurb – 

Scott Hildreth is a married father of six children. He is an international bestselling romance author who has published more than fifty novels, over half of which have been number one bestsellers. His journey to his current existence, however, wasn’t always an easy one.

He never imagined that a weekend hobby would land him in federal prison, a donut shop would produce the love of his life, or that contemporary romance novels would have his name splashed across the covers.

At one point, he had it all: a house on the hill, a wife, three children, and a rewarding career. After becoming the focus of an ATF investigation, his world was turned upside down.

The legal battle for his freedom ended in a loss on the steps of the United States Supreme Court. In the subsequent trip to federal prison, he lost his wife, contact with his children, and his home.

After serving his prison sentence, he returned to work and reunited with the men in his motorcycle club. Once again on top of the world, but lacking trust in society – and women in general – his only relationship was with his motorcycle.

Three years later, Scott was jobless, carless, penniless, and holding an eviction notice. He then took a chance at a career he had no formal training in – being an author. His inspiration came from a woman he shared a table with in a donut shop.

Fueled by nothing more than his love for her, he clawed his way to the top of the industry and hasn’t looked back since.

Lover Come Back is a true – but often unbelievable – story of loss, sacrifice, second chances, and ultimately, love. It takes the reader on a tear-jerking journey from the horrors of a federal criminal trial to the lush beaches of Naples Florida, where Scott and his family currently reside.

A testament to the pain the human heart can endure, and to the repair that only love can bring, Lover Come Back is a must-read memoir that will cause you to believe that second chances can produce first loves.

Our Reviews – 

Betsy –

I am almost speechless after reading this. If you didn’t know it was a true story you could say that as a romance novel it is almost too good to be true. Reading Scott and Jess’s love story was sometimes difficult, sometimes amusing but always infused with the love that these two feel for each other. Memoirs are sometimes difficult because the writer tends to focus on the good and gloss over the bad. That is not at all what you get in this wonderful book. The honesty and raw emotion found on these pages had me crying with both heartache and laughter. This book most definitely makes the list of my top reads for the year.


As I anxiously awaited the book being downloaded to my kindle. I knew that this was going to be a book like no other and as with all this authors books I wasn’t disappointed in any way shape or form.

I felt as though he had stripped himself bare and let all of us look at his life through a looking glass. Not ashamed of laying it all wide out in the open and telling the good, the bad, and the ugly.

As I read every word of the pages I could look back at all his books and see what part of him was on each page of his other 50 plus books. I knew from the moment I read the first book this author would be one of my favorites. However, through the years as I’ve read each book and I’ve decided this is my ride or die author and as long as he writes I will be reading his books.


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