The Preacher’s Wife 2: Cucked at the BBQ by K Michaels


Blurb – 

The only shame Jessica felt was that she no longer felt shame. Having sex while on the phone with her husband had been such a turn on that she eagerly agreed to Jason’s demand of fooling around with him while her unknowing husband was in the house.

When William showed up, she was all set to do the unimaginable. Horny and eager, Jessica wondered how far she could take things without William finding out. She knew that she should feel guilty, but her arousal was too strong, fueled by the risk of getting caught.


Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

While Jessica is feeling a bit guilty and is acting a bit strange. Jason is enjoying himself and seems to have a solution let’s see how it works out. Come on book 3.


Again this book is meant to be a hot erotic read and that’s exactly what this author leaves you with wanting more.


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