What You Don’t Know (True Hearts Book 6) by Jaxson Kidman

Blurb – 

When I fell for you, tragedy ripped us apart.

When you came to save me from myself, I pushed you away.

When we said goodbye to the town that ruined us, we never wanted to go back.

Except now, someone else needs your heart more than I do.

But what you don’t know… is now I’m coming to save you.

This novel – and those in the True Hearts collection – are stand alone ebooks with similar themes and unrelated stories. Meaning you can enjoy these Top 100 Kindle All-Star books in any order you’d like! Listed here are the books based on publication date:
*5 Years Later
*Dear Everly,
*Anna’s Dress
*Let You Go
*When I’m Gone
*What You Don’t Know


Our Reviews – 

Meghann – 

Wow. Jaxson just takes my breath away with every single story he gives but What You Don’t Know was pure, raw excellence. From the very first page it grabbed me and it’s an emotional journey, a wild ride that tugs at your heart, to the end.

Willow and Travis, they had a rough past, which led them both riding the wave of life the best they can.
Always in the back of each others minds but kept in the back for a reason. When circumstances bring them together again the connection between the two is ever present, and ever strong.
It’s a story of hope, love, pain and second chances.

Jaxon always takes you on the best kind of ride with his stories. So much that you are living it. He always puts himself into the book and you can see it, feel it as you’re reading. I can’t recommend this book enough. Cheers to another 5 star read!

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