The Lieutenant’s Possession (Brothers in Blue #4) by K. Langston

Blurb – 

Memphis Police Lieutenant Asher Cunningham is one of the best. Respected among his peers, he’s well known for his discipline, assertiveness, and remarkable intuition.

He’s also a sex addict.

A secret he’s kept hidden until he finally decides to seek the help of renowned psychiatrist Dr. Marley Bennett. There’s something intriguing about his new therapist that makes him want to confess all of his deepest, darkest desires without the fear of being judged. But it’s the flush coloring her cheeks and those sensible skirts she wears that really tests his control. Pushing her limits becomes his new obsession, and he quickly learns that the good doctor has secrets of her own.

He’s her patient.

She’s not supposed to be attracted to him. She’s not supposed to want him to possess her in all the ways he promises he can. But from the moment he steps into her office, the tattooed cop has her feeling things she shouldn’t. With every commanding word and deliberate touch, he tears down her walls one by one. And with every layer he peels back, Marley realizes she needs him more than she could have ever imagined.


Our Reviews – 

Meghann – 

These Cunningham brothers just keep getting better and hotter. The Brothers in Blue series is an absolute must and Asher Cunningham will knock your socks off!

We meet Lieutenant Asher Cunningham in book 4. He is every bit Alpha, possessive, hot, strong and the domineering male. A male who believed he had an addiction to sex. As you journey more into his story you see there is so much more to lieutenant Cunningham.

Enter Dr. Marley. She is the therapist seeing him and she is very dedicated to her job, and the other love of her life. Her daughter Layla. Once Asher walks through her doors though, she knew she was in trouble. Physically and emotionally.

When the two meet Marley keeps herself very guarded from him, but as she began peeling back the layers, she saw there was so much more to Asher and how wonderful he was.

Will Asher and Marley be able to overcome the obstacles that are in their way of a happily ever after? Read and find out!

K. Langston knocks it out of the park with another 5-star addition to this 5-star series! Highly recommend you get your one click on with this one! Cheers!

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