The Big D by Brittany Crowley

Blurb – 

All it took was one look into the delivery guy’s sinful brown eyes and I knew I’d regret never seeing him again. I tried tipping him a dollar and ended up getting a whole lot more than I bargained for.

Imagine my surprise when he comes back. Every. Friday. Night.

Then in an embarrassing twist of events the Big D’s identity is revealed. He wants a chance and he’s determined to get it.

But with a crazy ex popping around every corner, money and power standing between us and an embarrassing ‘how we met’ story… what’s a girl supposed to do?


Our Reviews – 

Misti –


OMG I’m not sure who I love more Agnes or Grant. I think I’m leaning more to Agnes though. This book had me rolling and laughing out loud. I loved how strong Aggie was through everything that she was hit with she didn’t freak she just rolled with it. So many times she could say screw this but she didn’t. Grant and her were meant to be. I need more of this family please!!!!



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