Vile Inheritance by Ed Bar

Blurb – 

When Vicky Rhoades inherits her absentee father’s cabin, her friends convince her to take them camping. She agrees, planning on using the opportunity to lose her virginity before she and her boyfriend go off to separate colleges.

As the teens engage in heavy drinking, drug use and sexual proclivities, a man stalks them, hiding in the woods, waiting for his chance to pick them off one by one in a twisted plot of revenge.

In this literary take on classic 80’s slasher films, a young woman struggles to maintain her self-respect, her friendships and her very survival.


Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

A young girl who has been pretty shelled by her mom goes out for a weekend getaway with friends from school. What starts out as a fun couple days turns to hysteria and terror in a very short time. As you see everything unfold before your eyes and leaves you wanting more.


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