Tatum by Sian Claven – One Day Sale


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Written by Sian Claven
⋙Buy Link: https://amzn.to/2yzgauR
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Watch your back!

Tatum keeps having the strangest nightmares, but fantasy soon meets reality when the haunting woman from her dreams crosses over into her real life.

All Tatum wants to know is that she isn’t going insane, but how do you prove your sanity, when you’re the only one seeing her.

Strange murders rock Tatum’s quiet neighbourhood. She soon discovers that her nightmares, the deaths and the Skeleton are all connected.

The Prequel to Kallista.

#Tatum #SianClaven #KindleUnlimited #Nightmares #FantasyMeetsReality #Thriller #Supernatural #Paranormal #FreeOctober9th

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