Heir’s Affair by Scarlett Finn New Release


Heir’s Affair by Scarlett Finn is LIVE tonight.
“Your father wants to meet you.”

Tallulah Taylor values her job with the Stretton family more than anything else in her life.

Max Flynn couldn’t care less about Theodore Stretton, even after the hot brunette on his doorstep tells him the fucker is his long-lost father who’s worth a shit-ton of cash.

Tally has a job: to unite father and son. Except the son seems more interested in uniting with her over and over again every time they’re alone.

Their affair is against every rule.

Max is about to become heir to billions and if the truth of what they’ve done is revealed, Tally’s world will fall apart.

But, his touch is difficult to resist. Every time she tries to say no, it comes out as a yes.

Tally has to decide if she’s willing to sacrifice everything for the man who’s about to have it all.

Warning: Contains explicit language and imagery. Suitable only for ages 18 and over.


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