The Lost Souls of Brunswick (VooDoo Lily Series) by Emery LeeAnn

Blurb – 

Welcome to Brunswick State Mental Hospital.
On today’s agenda is an array of insanity, some violent, some not but all ready for your inspection. Lead Psychologist, Alexis Dhavern is auditing and would love your opinion.
They say that “truth is often stranger than fiction.” I’ll let you make up your own minds on that one after you have visited the patients…. Enjoy your visit and I hope to see you again in the future, providing of course that you leave in the same manner you arrived at?
Dr. Dhavern will be watching….


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

The Lost Souls of Brunswick delves into the case files of various patients that have been sent to Brunswick State Mental Hospital. With each chapter, you are treated to a different patients’ story. At the beginning of each chapter you are horrified by the actions taken by each person however as their stories are laid out, you start to see why they did what they did. Each story had that moment when the character snapped and the aftermath of that. Believable characters and a fast-paced story made this a great read.

Misti –


My first book by this author and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a collection of stories about different patients at Brunswick mental hospital. This book had sadness, horror, and blood and gore, however, it was the story of the patients and how they ended up there that make you wonder how those things could happen to them. You won’t be disappointed with this book once you start you can’t put it down.


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