His Vegas Bomb: A Menage Romance (The Cocktail Girls) by Derek Masters

Blurb –

Delilah Torres is a bombshell former model who is left with nothing after a terrible breakup with her long-term boyfriend. She finds herself working at one of the hottest bars in Vegas, The Little Black Dress inside of the Millennium Hotel. Night after night men hit on her and night after night she turns them down. Until she gets an offer that she can’t possibly refuse. A single night changes the way she looks at men and makes her rethink her stance on relationships. Can a one-night stand turn into a happily ever after?

*The Cocktail Girls is a shared world between 14 of your favorite romance authors! Each novella is a stand-alone story set in the city of sin. Grab your Kindle, a cocktail, and get ready to meet our new swoon-worthy alphas!


Our Reviews – 

Antonette – 

This was a fun and sexy story. Who wouldn’t want to have a threesome with 2 sexy men who would worship them? I know I would! This story definitely lived up to its name and put the “sin” in Sin City. The characters were great and their chemistry was off the charts hot.

Derek Masters continues to wow me with his storytelling and I’ve enjoyed seeing his writing develop with each story. He definitely did the job in delivering an easy read that sucked me in from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sexy quickie.

Betsy – 

A short & steamy read. The chemistry between Delilah, Ryan & Gavin was off the charts. Delilah’s relationship with her bestie/roommate as well as their snarky conversations reminded me of some of the best conversations with friends. I would have loved even more words about these three.


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