The Preacher’s Wife by K. Michaels


Blurb – 

When a devoted wife to a man of God wakes up naked in another man’s bed, what is she to do? A proper lady would leave immediately. Then again, a proper lady never would have found herself in this predicament.

The other man didn’t care what she wanted. He had had fantasies of Jessica for some time. Finally able to live them out, he made sure to record footage of her drunken indiscretion and use it against her. He refused to be a one night stand.

With no other option, Jessica gave in to her blackmailer. She would do whatever it took to keep her husband in the dark, even the unspeakable. But as her arousal warred with her guilt, she would find that the most shameful sins we’re the ones that brought the most pleasure.

Our Reviews – 

Misti –

Jessica is a preacher’s wife and she has gone to a bar for a drink so she won’t be judged. When she awakes the next day she is shocked and surprised by what she finds her husband’s BFF.


While she’s having issues with this she sees that her only way out is to be play by Jason’s rules for now.   This is meant to be and is a short erotic book and leaves you wanting more.


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