Lace and Paint (True Colors Book 1) by Ally Sky



Blurb – 

Some scars last forever…
All Talia Bloom wanted was to escape to London for a fresh start; a chance to slip away into a big city. A chance to live and breathe. 
Moving in with her brother and using his basement as her studio, she finds a way to manage the urges and whims of her never-too-controlled bipolar disorder. She has it all worked out: stick to her routine and everything will be okay.

Ben Storm is not part of that plan. Delicious, secretive, and a sure recipe for addiction, he’s a challenge to her carefully balanced lifestyle and the one thing that could bring it down.
As she slips into an uncontrollable obsessive need for Ben, she risks losing everything. Because when her demons take control, nothing can stand in their way and they have the power to destroy it all.

LACE & PAINT is a story of a fragile soul fighting for her life, her love and her self-worth, and is the first installment it the explosive True Colors series.


Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

Fairies and Demons

What a beautiful and sad story.  Talia is bipolar and has an eating disorder.  She needs to live her life in a specific way to keep herself on track.  When she loves it’s with an all-consuming passion and the more she’s told no the more her demons hear yes.

Talia is definitely one of those people that is so talented but can’t see it because she’s so worried about what others may or may not see.  The only place she feels free to speak is behind a screen hiding from everyone.

When her world crashes around her.  I think for the first time she honestly sees the damage that she’s done to more than just herself.  Will she be able to fix anything?

I recommend this book to anyone who likes a story to sink their teeth in.  You will definitely be yelling at your kindle before the read is over. It isn’t all hearts and flowers but lets face it unless you live in a bubble it’s called life.  This is more like a slow dance with the devil himself and how Talia figures out how to do battle with him.


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