The FedSex Man by Scott Hildreth


Blurb –

Having the perfect package delivered can be a life changer.

JO – Tyson Neese had secrets. Secrets that forced him to distance himself from anyone who offered him love. Bouncing from woman to woman, he feared not what a relationship provided, but what he may lose if he gave himself to another.

He delivered packages for FedEx, wearing his lack of trust like a shield of protective armor.

I was enthralled by him. Anyone would have been.

He was a walking orgasm, and an intriguing one at that.

His real beauty, however, was imbedded much deeper than what could be seen on the surface.

A socially awkward nerd of a book store owner who spent all her idle time secretly reading steamy romance novels, I was the least threatening woman he’d encountered in years.

He must have sensed it, because on the night we met he set his armor aside.

Open-mouthed, and completely out of my comfort zone, I wondered…

Could I live with what lie beneath?

TYSON – Jo Watson was the notch on my sexual bedpost I’d been waiting for, and nothing more.

One night with her was all I wanted. Hit it and quit it was my motto.

When she agreed to go on a date, she didn’t tell me everything. I wish she would have. Had I known of her assets in advance, I wouldn’t have gone.

Not knowing, however, started a sequence of events that changed my life – and hers – forever.

Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

Laugh out loud and tug at your heart

Jo owns a bookstore and Tyson is her local fedex delivery guy. Jenny and Shawn are each of their best friends that definitely deliver great humor and actually great advice through this book.  At times though maybe too much advice.

Jo doesn’t have a lot of experience with men and Tyson has no experience with women outside the bedroom.  So this book is laugh out loud funny as these 30 somethings stumble through the dating life when neither of them know much about it.  However, the story that is told between the pages tugs at your heart strings. I laughed, I cried, and I learned things throughout this book.

This author has a way with all his books of throwing in lessons about life that you wish you knew a long time ago.  So kick back, grab a drink, your Kleenex, and get ready for a wonderful book that’ll put a smile on your face.


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