Bane’s Heart (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 2) by Sandra R. Neeley


Bane’s Heart

 Avaleighs Boys 2 - Banes Heart Teaser

Bane’s Heart – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 2

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Bane is solid, dependable, jaded, and painfully lonely. He’s never thought he was worthy of a Mate. Then he sees her. She calms him, gives him joy, makes him hope. Just as he thinks things are falling into place, she crushes his soul and disappears.

Janie has spent her entire life protecting herself and her mother from the terror that is her father. She has accepted that her life will be spent alone. One day a beautiful, sexy man comes into her store. She knows she can only admire him from a distance, but then he smiles at her. Her father notices and forbids their union.

Ricky is a small-town hood and a drug dealer. He and his gang made one mistake; the woman they agreed to take as settlement on a debt is Mate to a shifter. When Janie is traded as payment for her father’s debt, it brings the wrath of an entire clan of shifters down upon the heads of Ricky and his gang. Will Bane be able to save his Janie?





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