Kaid’s Queen  (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 3) by Sandra R. Neeley


Kaid’s Queen

Avaleighs Boys 3 - Kaids Queen

Kaid’s Queen – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 3


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Kaid has watched as members of his clan have found and claimed their One; their Mate. He’s lonely and his Bear is growing bitter and despondent watching from the side. He’s tired of hurting. Then a visit from an old friend delivers his heart’s desire. She is beyond all he ever dreamed. But there’s a problem; she’s more Alpha than he is, housing a monster that even she is afraid to release.

Delilah was born in captivity. Her parents murdered. All she has ever known is rules, permissions, cruelty, forced to barter in trade each day for her very survival. The concept of love, family and happiness mean nothing to her; they are merely words. She believes she’s been left to die a slow painful death. Then a chance encounter saves her. She is taken on a journey to an Alpha who could be all she never knew she needed.

While Kaid and Delilah struggle to form a bond other than the obvious physical one, a vengeful, unseen threat from the past scurries into the periphery of their lives, threatening not only their new-found chance at happiness, but the lives of every member of their clan and the very land they call home. Will this threat be detected in time to save the lives of all Avaleigh’s Boys and everyone they Love?

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