Beautiful March by Christy Pastore is NOW LIVE! (My review included)

Beautiful March is a deeply emotional standalone romance with Lol moments and a dash of mystery.

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Getting dumped sucks. Getting dumped by your boyfriend days before your best friend’s wedding? It doesn’t get much worse.

Did I mention that the guy who cut me loose was country music’s number one rising star?

And my client.

I thought I was walking into a proposal. Instead, I crashed right into humiliation—dumped and fired.

The silver lining? In a restaurant, there’s plenty of wine to drown my feelings.

In strolls Tyler Nichols, the restaurant owner. He’s charming, handsome and does a good job of trying to make me feel better.

A really good job. Sharing my heartbreak with a beautiful stranger is the last thing that I expected.

Turns out, Tyler Nichols is my ex’s best friend. And according to the local gossips—mainly my cousin—he’s got a mysterious past.

No worries, I’m the gal with everything going for her—great job, fabulous apartment and a glamorous life half way across the country in sunny Los Angeles—far away from my hometown and my family’s bourbon empire. I’ll be leaving after the weekend wedding festivities.

That is until my best friend, Sage, finds herself in a jam and needs my help before jetting off on her honeymoon.

So, I’m staying in Mayfield a little longer than anticipated. In just a few short weeks, I’ll march my happy ass back to the West Coast, far away from Tyler’s smoldering gaze and his panty-melting smile. And the chemistry between us that burns hotter than a hickory stump.

But the longer I’m in town, the harder it is to stay away from him. And maybe I don’t want to.

This is the first story I have read by author Christy Pastore and certainly won’t be the last.

Beautiful March is a charming story filled with every emotion as well as intense heat and passion. The story was wonderfully written, and the words flowed effortlessly, making it easy for me to get lost within the pages and feel as though I was a character (one can only wish <sigh>).

Christy had me hooked from the very first page with an interesting storyline and she kept me glued to the pages with a beautiful love story. Tyler and Haven were great characters. Each had their own charm and when they were together…. passion, lightness, heat, joy….you could feel it all. They were very different but also very alike and they made a great couple.

I am super interested in the other characters that were floating around and was happy to read that we’d be getting a story about Haven’s brother Brant. I have a feeling I’m going to like that one – something about him just has me all melty in the very few pages he was in.

I definitely recommend this book and I look forward to what’s to come as well as reading Christy’s other stories.

Review by Antonette 💋

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