Thug by Scott Hildreth – Surprise Release





THUG by Scott Hildreth is NOW LIVE! THUG is book 1 in Scott’s new series, Hard Eights MC.

Grab your copy of this new release now!
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Price McNealy was a modern-day outlaw. He thumbed his nose at society’s rules, regulations, and laws, not caring what anyone thought of him, or the actions he somehow justified.

If I made a list of why “not” to be with a man, he’d check all the boxes.

He was also confident, trustworthy, and loyal. When he wanted to make a point, he did so with a brash elegance that I wouldn’t expect to come from a self-proclaimed thug.

In short, Price McNealy was trouble.

Big trouble.

I had every reason in the world to refuse him service when he sauntered into my bar.

For a fleeting moment, I thought about it. The next thing I knew, I was bent over with my pants around my ankles.

My bar was packed at the time, but I simply couldn’t say no to him. When it came to denying Price’s desires, I was in trouble.

Big trouble.

NOTE: THUG is a stand-alone romance. It has no sex outside the relationship, no cheating, and no sexual triggers. It ends with an HEA, and is a romance novel in every sense. It does, however, include a sex scene (or two) in a public places. These scenes are consensual and tastefully depicted and steamy as hell. If sexual depictions are beyond your romance realm, read the free portion and see if this book is for you before purchase.

The hero in THUG is the president of an outlaw motorcycle club. The book loosely depicts the life of a motorcycle club but does not include non-consensual sex, club whores, sex outside the relationship, cheating, or lying.

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