Flirty by JB Heller is NOW LIVE!

Flirty by JB Heller


Walking in my supermodel sister’s shadow my entire life did a number on my confidence. So, when my girlfriends suggest something completely insane in an attempt to improve my self-esteem, I figure, why not. I mean, what’s the worst that could happen, right? 

I turn my room into an online fantasy world while hiding my identity behind a sexy maid’s outfit and a pretty mask. And it works. It gives me the armor I need to fend off my mother and sister’s condescending remarks. 

Everything was going great…until the gorgeous single dad I’ve been quietly pining over recognizes me on one of my live feeds. 

After a mortifying confrontation, I make it my life’s mission to avoid him at all cost. Which is near impossible since we live in the same building—that, and the fact that he’s determined to hunt me down…















❥ US



❥ US

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