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The Southern Tale Spinner is back with a cult unlike any other. Most who leave behind their lives and make a break for Green Bay Community in Green Bay, West Africa believed to be leaving behind a world riddled with ungodly temptations and sinful lusts. Upon committing to the sanctuary as a member, they swore off money, sex, and anything deemed unfit for members to participate in. They were fed and all had necessary jobs around the commune to make this little piece of paradise move through time in synchrony. Women were subservient to the men and were treated as such by all male members of the community. However, once you join, and no matter what you are told, you can never leave. Your freedom comes at a price and many are ready to make a deal with the devil. Join those at Green Bay Community to taste that luxury… and be free.

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Betsy – 

Be Free is a captivating and disturbing view inside a cult unlike others.  You are introduced to enigmatic Father Arthur.  He has set up an “alternative devotion lifestyle” colony in a small town named Green Bay in West Africa.  However, a cult by any other name is still a cult.  The followers of Father Arthur live in an abandoned asylum that they have refurbished.  They live a simple life, inside the bounds of their community.

Men and women have extremely different lives within the walls however.  Men are by far superior to their female counterparts.  The women inside this cult are treated like servants to the men inside the walls.  Relationships between the sexes were not just frowned upon but could lead to severe punishment.

The story moves at a quick pace however it doesn’t feel rushed.  I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next to the characters in this story.  There are a few scenes that were difficult to read, however in true T.S. Woolard fashion, they served to move the story into the direction the characters needed to go.  I would not really call this “horror” in a true sense.  T.S. Woolard writes a horror that has far more of an emotional impact, taking you by surprise and stabbing you in the heart.

If you’ve read other stories in the author’s world you see this is a different part of his universe.  You’ll want to see how it fits in.  Of course, there are little crumbs in the story that make the reader wonder where else this story could lead.  Another amazing tale by the Southern Tale Spinner.



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