Author Spotlight – Q&A with Kaylee Ryan

We got a chance to catch up with the amazing Kaylee Ryan. We love being nosey and getting down and dirty, so we did a little Q&A. Let’s see what she had to say!

What made you decide to become an author? I’ve always loved to read and wanted to tell the stories of the characters in my head. I never imagined I would be publishing.

What is the hardest thing about writing for you? It’s a lonely job. You miss out on a lot of events with family and friends to get your stories down and out into the world.

Do you have any routines or superstitions that you go through whenever you write a book – Such as a specific room to write in, certain drink, same pen/pencil every time, specific music or noise? Release a book? Not really. I do listen to music when I write. I also have a notebook for every book. I like to write notes and ideas. It helps me work out the plot and keep track of the characters.

Who is the one person in the writing profession who has inspired you the most? There are so many. I can’t’ choose just one. Recently, I would say my writing partner Lacey Black. It helps to bounce ideas and not feel like you are isolated from the word when you write.

Which character is your favorite? Which character was the hardest to write? Why? I love them all. Each of them holds a special place in my heart. The hardest would have to be Unexpected Bond. I can’t tell you too much without spoilers, but that story hit close to home for me.

Would you consider collaborating a book with anyone else? If so…who?  Who would be your unicorn author to collaborate with? Just my writing BFF, Lacey Black. We have a very similar writing style, and overall outlook on life. I couldn’t imagine writing with anyone else.

Who is your favorite author…someone that you will buy their book even without thinking?  Lacey Black, Catherine Cowles, Kelly Elliott, my list is long. I one-click so many of my peer’s books to support them knowing it will be hard to ever be able to read them all. 

What is your best piece of advice for someone who wants to write or publish? Write for you. Don’t write to the market. Write what you love, hire a good editor, and cover designer. 

If you could ask your readers 1 question and have them all answer…what would it be? Names. My reader group always helps me out with new names for characters.

What is your writing kryptonite? Babies and single dads.

Do you plot out your book or do you write as you go? Both. I have a loose plot and make notes in my notebook as I move along. Sometimes I go off the path and change what I thought the story was going to be, and sometimes I stay on track. It’s different with every book.

Do you want each book or series to stand on its own or are you building a universe where all the books/series connect with each other? I’ve done both. The books can be read as standalone, but the world-building is strong. I love the strong family and friendship dynamics that it brings to each story.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice related to writing what would it be? Don’t sweat the small stuff. Not everyone is going to love your work and that’s okay. There are millions of stories out there, which means there is something for everyone.

What is the biggest lesson you learned after you published your first book? Everyone gets bad reviews. Don’t take them to heart. One person may love what another hates. You have to learn to roll with the punches and accept that.

What is a guilty pleasure? Reading! When I have time.

What is your favorite movie? Sweet Home Alabama

Do you have a favorite vacation spot? The mountains!

What’s an Item on your bucket list? Visit Australia

What is your most treasured possession? That’s a toss up between my Kindle and my laptop. LOL

Do you have a spirit animal?  If so, what is it? No.

What is your favorite holiday & why? Thanksgiving. It’s a time for everyone to get together. You don’t have to stress about gifts, or how much money your spending. It’s just a day to eat, catch up with family, watch some football and chill.

If you could have a superpower, what would you choose? Be in two places at once.

What’s your favorite candy? Peanut M&M’s

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Author Spotlight – Something Wonderful by Luna Lopez



‘Something Wonderful’

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Michelle Diaz has been married to Richie since she was sixteen years old.

Now in her early thirties, their marriage is crumbling, but neither are ready to admit it.

Deeply unhappy with her relationship and smarting at the entitled behaviour of their only child, Dillon, she realises life isn’t as fun as it should be, and the only way to move forward is to leave the past behind her.
Finally deciding she can take no more, she throws Richie out of the house, and after laying down the law with Dillon, meets Carol Chase, a close friend of her sisters’.

Their meeting is the catalyst for change, and after spending a drunken night full of fun and laughter, they end up in bed.

Initially confused, having never slept with a woman before, Michelle decides to embrace this new side to her nature and embarks on a mind-blowing, passionate, and adventurous affair with Carol.

Contented, and feeling hopeful for the future, life is about to throw Michelle a curveball that could derail her future happiness.

From the bestselling author of ‘Where My Heart Lies’.


Author Spotlight – I See You by Luna Lopez






Thirty-seven-year-old Mia Jacobs is heartbroken following a bitter split from her long term partner, Sarah.
With empty bank accounts, a broken down car, and mounting debts, Mia has little choice but to re-mortgage her home in order to survive.
Walking home from work one autumn night, Mia finds herself standing opposite a house she has driven by countless times over the years.
Desperately unfit, she stops to catch her breath and spies a beautiful young woman in the upstairs window.
Staring into a strangers world isn’t something Mia would usually make a habit of, but something about the sadness in the woman’s eyes catches her attention.
All Mia has to offer is a comforting smile, which is acknowledged by the stranger in the window.
The following night, intrigued, she finds herself outside the house again.
Mia feels an attraction, but knows nothing about the woman.
Returning once more, she plucks up the courage to knock on the door. Invited inside, she is anxious, yet excited to meet the enigmatic Grace.
What is her story?
Is there more to their meeting than simply fate?
Even in her wildest dreams, Mia would never have guessed the truth.




Author Spotlight – Where my Heart Lies by Luna Lopez





Willow Olivia Walker is a newly single university student heading home for the summer holidays.
Initially dismayed to discover her parents have hired the beautiful Georgia as a live-in nanny for her two younger sisters, she treats her with contempt, but upon further reflection, finds a kindred spirit.
Discovered by her over-bearing mother in flagrante with Georgia, she packs her bags and returns to Cambridge, intent on spending the summer preparing for the academic year ahead.
Professor Francesca Marten is at a crossroads in her own life.

Married for twenty years and mother to two children, Francesca had buried a part of herself, deep inside, that is now fighting to come to the forefront.
A chance meeting between Willow and Francesca is the start of a relationship that extends beyond the confines of student and teacher.
In Francesca, Willow sees a lover who knows what she wants, but for Francesca, Willow is the epitome of the young, carefree girl she left behind twenty years ago.
Is their relationship a meeting of souls destined to be together, or is the thrill of forbidden love the only driving force?


Author Spotlight – First Kiss by Luna Lopez



Also on Audiobook
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Kara and Yasmeen have been best friends since high school.

Now in their early twenties, they’re as radically different to one another in personality as they’ve always been.
Both have overcome the loss of their respective mothers, in albeit different circumstances which helped cement the bond between them.
Kara is a working class, out and proud lesbian, while Yasmeen is a spoiled, yet dutiful middle class Muslim on the verge of an arranged marriage.
Realising Kara is the girl for her, Yasmeen is hell bent on living the life she wants, even if that means going against her father’s wishes.
Kara doesn’t need a declaration of love and is happy to remain on the sidelines, but Yasmeen will do whatever it takes to be with the one she loves.



Author Spotlight – Luna Lopez



Author Bio

Hello Everyone!

My name is Luna Lopez and I’m from the South West of England.

I am a single mother of five children that keep me busy, and leave little time for anything else.

Following years of false starts, I released my debut short story ‘First Kiss’ in January 2019 and have finally finished my debut novel, ‘Where My Heart Lies’, which will be available on 29th March 2019.

I hope you enjoy my work.





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