Author Spotlight – Torture Anthology featuring Anna Edwards

Torture: A Halloween Anthology with all proceeds being donated to the Autism Society UK.

Pre-order Now for the special price of $0.99/£0.77 (will rise to $5.99/$4.65 on release): 

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Cover Designer: Jay Aheer.


Welcome to the world of ‘Torture’

Inside all of us there is a dark side. In most it’s hidden away never to be seen but sometimes it surfaces and chaos reigns supreme.

Nine authors with British backgrounds come together to bring you tales of heinous proportions. 

Demons, humans, witches and all things which go bump in the night will be contained in these pages.

Impalement, dunking, rat torture, sleep deprivation and so much more will be displayed. 

Enter if you dare, but beware, there’s no going back and you might not survive.

The Torture Anthology is a limited edition anthology available for Halloween 2020 from the authors: AJ Blackburn, Anna Edwards, Claire Marta, Crystal North, Emma Luna, Laura Morgan, Paula Action, Samantha Lewis, T J Podger.

All proceeds will be donated to the Autism Society UK, a charity close to the heart of several of the authors.

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