New Release – Nectar and Napalm by TS Woolard

Nectar & Napalm: A Collection of Dark Poetry

by T.S. Woolard

T.S. Woolard took us on a rollercoaster ride with Sugar and Cyanide of both sweet and dark, twisted love. Prepare for a macabre fairytale of adoration you have never seen before as his love for death traipses through daisies and he tiptoes through the tulips with each pain staking written piece of art. Ink didn’t bleed from his pen, his soul did as he leaves drops of it on each and every page you turn. Dive into his heart and explore an ocean of madness and chaos as you suckle the sweet Nectar and then get burned by the Napalm.

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Nectar and Napalm is the newest poetry collection by horror author and poet TS Woolard.  Where his previous collection, Sugar and Cyanide took readers through the twists and turns of love, loss and death, Nectar and Napalm scorches your soul and breaks your heart.  In a few words this poet can both devastate and illuminate.  

An expert storyteller, he weaves that into a series of poems entitled Dead Man Talking.  He takes the reader into the mind of a killer where you think you know how it will end but in his true fashion you are dead wrong.  This series is sprinkled throughout the book so you are waiting to find out where it ends up.

The poems in this collection show the depth and breadth of his writing.  The few line haikus in this collection bear the same gut punch as much longer poems.  Each one twisting the knife in your heart just a little further.  With each poem the reader can’t help but feel the pain written in the page.The poet takes you on a road trip though his soul, stopping along the way to show you the painful, the real, the passionate and the dark places.  Each poem takes you further into the intimate and stunning relationship he has with the darker side of life.  In this collection you learn his one true love is death and anyone else will have to settle for simply being his mistress.  

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