About Us

Antonette Santillo

Hi, I’m Antonette and I’m an asshole…the good kind of asshole. I was born and raised in New York City (and I’m still here). I’m a lover of dogs, sports, cursing, reading, cocktails, Snapchat and pranking my family and friends. You can always count on me to crack a joke or say something inappropriate. I like to think of myself as “the people’s PA” cause I love helping everyone out in this wonderful book community. When I’m not pimping authors and their books, I am creating all sorts of graphics such as book covers and teasers for them. I’m so excited to be starting this awesome group with 3 of my very favorite people and am looking forward to getting to meet new authors and readers and basically just have fun. Thanks for joining us!

P.S. Don’t forget to make every day your bitch 💋


Betsy Pfaller

I’m a quirky, awkward, crafty reader girl.  I live outside of Cleveland but grew up in a small town outside of Houston.  My time in Texas cemented my love of barbecue, Mexican food, margaritas, and most importantly football.  I will proudly say that even though they couldn’t win a game last year, I’m still a Cleveland Browns fan.  I also love to cook, bake, do anything crafty and I have an unhealthy love of Blow Pops.

I’ve been an avid reader since I was little, even when it wasn’t a cool thing to do.  I didn’t discover the amazing indie world until last year when I stumbled upon Luke Prescott.  After finding him, I found so many other incredible authors that I have grown to love. I’m on multiple ARC teams and I’m always up for reading something new.  This indie world brought me some amazing friends in the form of other readers (including these other three kick-ass ladies), bloggers and authors.  I hope y’all love this group as much as we do. 💚💚💚


Meghann Martin

I am from West Virginia and I am probably one of the most random, and weird people you could have a conversation with. I say things out of nowhere and I love making myself, and others laugh. I have a crazy obsession with blow pops, I don’t understand myself, but they are the best. I love Dunkin Donuts coffee, getting lost in music and of course, books.

I have read all my life but my real intro into the book community was K.C. Lynn and her Men of Honor Series. After that I found and met so many amazing authors and people, these three lovely ladies are a prime example.

I am on Four Street Teams and run my blog which is book related. I am so thrilled to help start this awesome group for you with these kickass ladies. Hope you all love it.


Misti Jo Runyon

I’ve been an avid reader my whole life and I started reading indie authors I think in 2013 or 2014.  Scott Hildreth was my gateway author into this world for me.  Needless to say, I’m in love with the community as a whole and have found a new love of books that I never could have imagined. I’m a PA to some amazing authors that I love dearly.  In turn, I have made friends with other authors and book people like these amazing 3 women.  Antonette, Betsy, Meghann and I decided that together we were going to take a chance and see if we could give back to this indie world we all love so much.  So, thank you all for taking a chance with us and this group for EVERYONE. ❤❤❤