Shivers by Emery LeeAnn New Release


Conjuring Chaos Book 2

By: Emery LeeAnn with special Guest Authors Donna Owens & Betsy Pfaller

Cover by: Just Write. Creations



Welcome to my world of darkness….except this time I brought friends –but they won’t help you see the light –they are as disturbed as I am.

Shivers is a unique collection of tales of twisted chaos for the demented mind.

Still wanna play? Enter at your own risk as we take you on a journey through our ravaged souls and give you a glimpse into our collection of horror.

Rumor Has It Series (Double Standalone) by Stephanie St. Klaire COVER REVEAL

🚨🚨🚨🚨 COVER REVEAL 🚨🚨🚨🚨


I’m finally coming clean and spilling the #Gossip!! Here’s my secret!!!

Rumor Has It is my brand new STAND ALONE romcom series!

I am releasing TWO brand new books 12/21/18 for you final binge read of 2018!!

Welcome to Pine Valley, nestled between Portland and McKenzie Ridge in Oregon wine country. Brand new cast of swoony characters, and more of those awkward laugh out loud shenanigans that can only happen in a small town! In true SSK fashion, you’ll see familiar names, faces, and places like new O’Reilly’s, the hot doc from Dilf Diaries, and plenty more – a great mix of the old and new as my worlds continue to intertwine!

Best part…they’re ONLY $0.99 each! That’s less than $2 for TWO books!!! Whaaat! Grab them now, though. They are only available on all retailers through release day and that price won’t last!!!

Sneaking Around $0.99:






Bed Buddies $0.99:






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Sneaking Around:

Bed Buddies:


Sneaking Around:

Bed Buddies:

I’m soooo in love with these covers – mega shout out to the amazingly talented, Kari March or Kari March Designs! She’s such a dream to work with and nailed these suckers!!

These stories have a brand new setting, brand new content, brand new characters, and are completely rewritten (originally part of the S.H. KW) – you won’t even recognize them.

Pillow Talk by Brittany Holland RELEASE BLITZ

༺♡༻༺𝗣𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄 𝗧𝗮𝗹𝗸 𝗶𝘀 𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘!༻༺♡༻Written by Brittany Holland

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$2.99 or #FREE in KU

This book contains . . .

✔️A sexy, swoon worthy Leading Man in a suit

✔️A smart & sassy Heroine rocking killer heels

✔️Witty Banter

✔️ Sizzling Chemistry

✔️ Pancakes, Deals & Tangled Sheets, Oh my!

✔️ HEA & a Bonus Extended Epilogue

༺𝐀𝐝𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐆𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬༻

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༻❤️༺BLURB ༻❤️༺

pillow talk


1. private conversations, endearments, or confidences exchanged in bed or in intimate circumstances

2. intimate conversations in bed between lovers

Falling for him was never part of the arrangement,

Neither was sharing his bed… but I’m doing both.

And now the sheets aren’t the only thing tangled between us.

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Gorgeous Trailer for Pillow Talk!

Edge of Desire by Jessica Marin RELEASE BLITZ

Title: Edge of Desire

Series: Let Me In, Book #3

Author: Jessica Marin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer – Najla Qamber Designs

Release: December 6, 2018

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Giveaway Link – $25 Amazon E-Giftcard. Starts on release day Dec 6th


International superstar, Sean Lindsey, finds himself in a tangled web of lies, lust, and love, in this scintillating conclusion to the Let Me In series from Jessica Marin.

I have loved Cora Gregory since the first time I laid eyes on her.

Problem is, I’m not the one she wants.

My best friend is.

She is pure poison, whose venom I can’t seem to flush out of my system.

The only antidote comes in the form of Isla Jones, a longtime family friend, that I used to view as a little sister.

While I have been gone conquering Hollywood, little Izzy has grown up into a beautiful woman, with a sinful mouth and curves that ignite my desire for her.

A war has started between my head and my heart, confusing me as to who I should make mine.

The woman who has tormented my heart since I was fifteen?

Or the woman who has started to haunt my dreams?

One thing is undeniable.

I’m teetering on the edge of desire, determined not to fall…instead, I’m going to jump.

Author Bio:

Jessica Marin began her love affair with books at a young age from the encouragement of her

Grandma Shirley. She has always dreamed of being an author and finally made her dreams of

writing happily ever after stories a reality. She currently resides in Tennessee with her husband,

children and fur babies. When she is not hanging out with her family, she loves watching a good

movie, going dancing with the ladies, sniffing essential oils and daydreaming of warm beaches,

winning the lotto and world peace.

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In the Series:

Heartbreak Warfare (Let Me In, Book 1)

Amazon – Free in Kindle Unlimited and FREE for the week of 12/3 – 12/7

Perfectly Lonely (Let Me In, Book 2)

Amazon – – Free in Kindle Unlimited and on sale for $1.99 for the week of 12/3-12/7

Bite Me Harder by Chris Genovese Blog Tour



Bite Me Harder (A Paranormal Shifter Novel)
(Guardians of the Deep Book 2)
299 Pages





Bite me once… shame on you. Bite me twice and you own me.
A lonely shark shifter searching for her happily ever after, a carefree surfer wanting only to ride his next wave, a confident DJ shaken by horrors from her past, and a savage alpha hellbent on revenge. Passion and pain collide as new predators keep the shallow waters off the Queensland coast soaked in blood.
This time, two love stories interweave with action packed into the seams, and if you think wolves dominate the paranormal shifter world, try throwing them into the ocean.
You’ve read werewolves, you’ve sunk your teeth into vampires, and you’ve even danced with dragons, bears, and panthers. But not all paranormal shifters walk on all fours. It’s time to get your feet wet with shark shifters.




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Just when I think I couldn’t fall in love with Chris’ writing anymore than I already do he brings us book 2 of his Shark Shifter book. Well hell put a fork in me cause I am so well done it’s not even funny. ~ Chasing The Words Book Blog


HOLY COW!!! I loved this one, even more than the first if that is even possible. I was hooked from the very beginning and there was not a slow point in the book. Which means there is no place to put it down. ~ Heather, Goodreads Reviewer





Another fin-tastic story by Chris Genovese! I didn’t think I could love this one more than the first one (Oh, Bite Me), but I was wrong, it was absolutely phenomenal!!! ~ Lynn Stifel





I devoured this book!!…….If you are after a shifter book with something extra special then this is the book you will want to dive right into- with floaties of course 🙂 ~ Chrissi






Oh, Bite Me: Paranormal Dating Agency
(Guardians of the Deep)
Wolves, bears, tigers, and dragons. Shifters come in so many shapes and sizes, but not all alphas are on dry land.
Thane patrols the water off the coast of Australia, making sure a school of rebel sharks doesn’t attack human tourists. Selflessly putting himself in harm’s way means little time trying to find his one true mate.
Penny has sworn off dating after meeting the wrong kind of shifter—the douchebag kind with a nasty temper. However, a chance encounter while on vacation in Australia finds her sitting by the pool next to Geraldine Wilder, supernatural matchmaking guru. In typical Gerri style, she’s having none of that “love isn’t for me” nonsense.
Now, with the Paranormal Dating Agency in her corner, will Penny finally have a chance at her happily ever after? Will she find what she’s been looking for in Thane, the flirtatious stranger she meets on a party cruise? Or will she find herself in deep, dangerous water?
This is a tiger shark shifter story. Be prepared to get wet.



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Amazon Universal Link:
Chris Genovese is a male romance and erotica author who often writes from the female perspective. He has a passion for writing sensual tales that take the average woman (or man) and place them in erotic positions. Life isn’t prude so why should we be? If you’re under the age of 18, or if you get offended easily, please don’t purchase these books. If you’re ready to be entertained, aroused, and brought to emotional climax then please do.
Carver Pike is my darker, more twisted alter ego . Where Chris tends to write erotic comedies, poetry, and other fun but sexy tales, Carver likes to stick a knife in it and wiggle it around. If you’re looking for horror and dark fantasy with an erotic twist, you’ve come to the right man. Who new scary could be so sexy?
Social Media Links:
Also check out Chris’ website at where you can get up to date info on Chris’ books, see dirty pics, and even read FREE Maybe Mandy diary entries.



Author Interview: Aaron Speer

Author Dahlia Donovan

Are you a panster or a plotter?
If you asked me this when I first started, I’d say plotter. Every scene. All arcs. Now though? I’d say its 70 30 pantsing.
Do you believe in Writer’s Block? If so, how do you kick its arse?
Yes I do. Music is my best weapon. I’m always listening to specific download tracks based on the book I’m writing.
What book is your comfort read on a bad day? The one you go back to reread over and over. 
The Godfather
Describe your perfect writing space:
Alone. Quiet. In a bedroom or small office type space.
Do you write your title first or story first?
Title always
And lastly, write a one or two paragraph flash fiction inspired by the last photo or text you got on your phone:

She sent me a photo of tonight’s dinner. Strange, as she…

View original post 429 more words

Sparks: An Inferno Prequel by Yolanda Olsen Cover Reveal


Cover Reveal

Sparks: An Inferno Prequel
Cover by Abigail Davies of Pink Elephant designs

Coming Soon

Ready to meet Mom?

add it here:

My son is a good man.

I know what you think about him, because I know what he’s done, but you have to understand that it’s not his fault.

He was something of a misanthrope in his youth and that can be attributed to his father.

Please understand that I will take the blame for my part in wrecking his soul, but it’s so hard to resist a boy so sweet.

He’s always loved me most of all and I took advantage of that.

Until you feel what I felt in his arms don’t judge me too harshly.

Don’t hate my son for the sins of his mother.

I betrayed his trust.

I made him into the man he’s become.

God help me.

This is my confession.