Amongst The Wildflowers (Fleurs d’Amour Book 3) by Amali Rose


Blurb – 

Will taking the leap from friends to lovers lead to a happily ever after, or will it destroy every dream they ever had?

Layla Jensen dreams of true love.
A quiet soul, she walks through life with one simple goal. Stay invisible in a world where she’s never felt enough.

After living in the shadow of her beautiful, vivacious sister and believing she never measured up, Layla has withdrawn into herself, watching life pass her by.

Enter Ethan Miller. Confidant, carefree and outgoing, he is the opposite of Layla in every way. He is also the one person who sees her. Who has always seen her.

With Ethan back in her life, Layla is reminded of the love she once craved and her heart slowly comes back to life. But as they fight to make their dream a reality, their happiness is placed in jeopardy from a threat they never saw coming.

Book 3 in a STANDALONE series.


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Amongst the Wildflowers is the third book in the Fleurs d’Amour series. While it is the series it is a completely stand-alone book. This installment follows the reintroduction of estranged best friend Ethan Miller into Layla Jenson’s life. The love that these two characters share started as a childhood infatuation to a teenage crush to adult love. Their chemistry is amazing, but it’s all the other moments that tug at your heartstrings. When jealousy brings a threat to their newly found happiness, will the insecurities of the past cause these lovers to lose their way or will the truth win out in the end? An engaging story with believable characters, steamy love scenes and all the feel, Amongst the Wildflowers, is a must read!


Dandelion Dreams (Fleurs d’Amour Book 2) by Amali Rose

Blurb – 

When feisty clashes with dominant, the results are bound to be explosive…

Cassidy Jensen has known true love.
With a wild heart and a fierce spirit she lives life passionately, determined to embrace all it has to offer.

After a crushing loss she fights to regain her sense of self, attempting to rediscover the happiness that she knows can exist. However, one bad experience after another has Cassidy questioning whether lightning can strike twice.

Enter Mason Alexander. He is everything she doesn’t want. Guarded, aloof and a workaholic; the only emotion he ignites in her is frustration.

When Mason and Cassidy are thrown together and forced to work with each other, they must learn to navigate their new relationship. Along the way proving that sometimes what you want isn’t always what you need.

Book 2 in a STANDALONE series.


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Betsy – 

In Dandelion Dreams, we learn more about the sassy Cassidy and the enigmatic Mason. After Cassidy loses her job, a friend’s recommendation gets her into an interview with Mason. He hires her and hilarity ensues. On a daily basis, you have no idea what madness Cassidy would put Mason through. The one thing that was certain was that these two had amazing chemistry. When they finally do see where that chemistry can take them, but will an obstacle from the past derail them before they can truly begin. I really wasn’t sure that anyone could beat out Ben but Mason is so fantastic I may have been saying “Ben who?” by the end of the book. I loved Cassidy and Mason’s story and can’t wait to see what else Amali Rose has in store for us.