Foster an Author Interview – Sandra R Neeley

Who is your favorite author…someone that you will buy their book even without thinking?

Laurann Dohner


Who is the 1 person in the writing profession who has inspired you the most?

I don’t really have anyone. But you know what? Now that I’ve thought about it, there are two pieces of advice that I received from established authors that have stuck with me. First, Susan Bliler told me when I published my first book, “F*** the haters. They’re going to hate you no matter what you do, so do you and do you proudly. Don’t let them change who you are.”  And, Michelle Pillow told me,  “Always stay true to your heart , it won’t steer you wrong, and never forget that you are your own brand. Conduct yourself professionally at all times.”  And they were both right.


Who is the 1 person in life who has inspired you the most?

My son, and now my daughter. There were times I wanted to just stop doing everything, personally, professionally. All of it – I’m done. But then I’d look at him and realize that I was all he had. And now my daughter is the same. They look to me for guidance and to know how to proceed in their own lives. They need me. They need to see me continue to move forward and continue to keep getting up. And I need them to need me. So,  my kids. They inspire me to continue striving to always be better than I was yesterday.


Would you consider collaborating a book with anyone else? If so…who?

That’s tricky. I’m unique in the way I write things. I never know where it’s going and who’s going to show up in a story. They are never planned, so collaborating would be difficult, but I’ve often said that it would be fun to write with Jeanette Lynn, her sense of humor is unmatched.


What is the hardest thing about writing for you?

Editing.  I hate editing. Oh, and blurbs! You spend months pouring your heart into 80,000 plus words, the passion is there, the emotion, the feels. Then they tell you, here, break this down into about 100 words so we all know what it’s about without having to actually read it. Wait – what???!!


Which character is your favorite? Which character was the hardest to write? Why?

Maverik is my favorite character to date. The hardest character to write was Bam, until now. I’m working on a WIP right now that has been the most difficult. His name is Quin (pronounced Keen).


Do you have any routines or superstitions that you go through whenever you release a book?

Well, I like my release parties to be in conjunction with Romance Readers Recommend.  Other than that, not really.


What is your 1 piece of advice for anyone wanting to write?

Write your heart. There is no right or wrong way to write a story. There is no secret formula to use to get it right. But if you write your heart, and write with passion –let the emotion bleed through rather than trying to censor yourself or trying to sculpt to adhere to a format, the right readers will find you and you’ll be just fine.


If you could ask your readers 1 question and have them all answer…what would it be?

What do you dislike the most about my writing?


Do you have anything specific that has to be done for you to write? Such as a specific room to write in, certain drink, same pen/pencil everytime, specific music or noise?

My voices have to speak. My characters live in my head. I am not externally motivated or inspired, my stories come from my characters, who all live in my head. If they aren’t talking, I’m wasting my time. I can’t force anything. If they are telling me their story, they are showing me the scene over and over again in my head as though it’s a movie. I write down what they are showing me and that leads to another and so on and so on. If I’m not seeing a scene, or in effect hear them speaking, I have nothing to write. These are their stories, and they tell them to me when they are ready.

Edited to add; My husband says when I come out of the bedroom with my oldest, faded pair of leggings and oversized T-shirt with mismatching socks on, and my favorite super-soft blanket thrown over my shoulder, he knows I’m headed for my laptop and I’m lost for the day.


What is your writing kryptonite?

My husband and my daughter.  The “Mom can I haves?” and the “Honey, when you get a minutes…” drive me nuts. I can sit there for 3 hours and no one will say a word to me or even notice that I’m breathing. Let me open that laptop though, and they stand in line to ask me questions.


Do you plot out your book or do you write as you go?

I never plot. I type what my people show in my mind. They show me little “mini-movies.” I type what they show and it always leads to another scene and another and so on. I never know where a story will go, and have even been surprised by the places they take me. Some characters I never knew existed until they walk into the scene, and it’s like, “Wait! Where did you come from?” I honestly do not know the ending until I type it, ever.  The loudest voice and most insistent scene gets the story told first. The others have to wait their turn.


Do you want each book or series to stand on its own or are you building a universe where all the books/series connect with each other?

I build a world for each series and just see what happens as I go.  I do have another series coming up soon, and it’s started as a result of another character leaving my original series. But he just didn’t want to go. He started showing me pictures of all these scenes and I realized he had his own story to tell, it’s just not in the world he originated in. Some may connect later, but I have to wait and see what they show me, just like everyone else.


If you could tell your younger writing self anything what would it be?

Don’t be afraid.  If I’d not worried about what other people would think, I’d have written them down years ago. Only when I finally decided that I was writing them for my own pleasure, did the stories become organized enough to flow onto “paper.” They’ve been in my head since I was a preteen, maturing along with me.


What is the biggest lesson you learned after you published your first book?

Patience! Be patient enough to allow for edits. Wait. Set them aside and read them again after you’ve moved on to something else. You see them with fresh eyes, find things you missed originally and put out a better product.


What is a guilty pleasure?

Hot tea with milk and sugar on a cold day.  Or my favorite candy, Ferrero Rocher, anytime.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot?



What’s an Item on your bucket list?

Own a mountain cabin that isn’t easily accessible.


What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

Halloween candy is little Almond Joys or Krackles.


Do you have a spirit animal? If so, what is it?

Dragon. A mama Dragon.


What is your favorite holiday & why?

Christmas.  It’s always been my favorite. Family, food, watching the faces of my kids light up when they get that special gift, or better yet, something they didn’t expect at all but are thrilled with. It’s cold outside and the fireplace is going and everyone is smiling and loving each other.  Best times ever.

Love in Chaos by Liz Monroe Teasers


I knew what it was like to inhale and wait for that feeling of being alive, for that comfort that life’s rhythm would bring, only to have every breath let you down. O C T O B E R 1-5


All night we stayed there. We stewed in a sea of emotions, a different one breaking on us each second.
Before, if I worked hard enough and stayed busy enough, I escaped its reaches. Not now. Tonight, I stopped fighting and sank below the surface of fear, hope, anger, happiness, sadness, joy, death, and life.
I stopped fighting and finally let myself drown.

O C T O B E R 1-6


Sleep held her captive in the early morning. I looked at the woman who had loved me when I hadn’t deserved it, and finally started trying to be the person worthy of that. I crawled in bed and wrapped her in my arms.
She stiffened at my touch; it had become foreign to her, and that was my fault.

O C T O B E R 1-12


Destroy (Whispers From the Bayou, Book 2) by Sandra R. Neeley


Destroy – Whispers From the Bayou, Book 2

Whispers from the Bayou 2 - Destroy Teaser 2

#SandraRNeeley #RibbonsandRow #Gargoyles #paranormalromance #WhispersFromtheBayou #pnr #indieauthor#selfpublished #paranormal #fantasy #Hesnotarrogantjustconfident

Destroy is a beautiful, strong, charismatic and charming Gargoyle. He is also selfish, shallow, petty and jealous — or is he? One misunderstanding centuries ago resulted in his being labeled as not good enough, untrustworthy, self-serving. To hell with them, he knew who he really was! If only he had a female to see the real Goyle. Then suddenly, out of the blue, there she was — all he had to do was be himself, allow her to see his magnificence and convince her that she’s not evil. Her gifts are of no consequence to him.

A power as old as time, so strong it’s killed to protect the small child it flows from. Locked down for decades, never allowed to ebb and flow as naturally as the elements it’s made from — it simmers on a slow boil, waiting for a chance to be released again. Its very essence draws all manner of creature to the woman the child has grown into. Will her refusal to see her gifts as they truly are result in her running headlong into her own blazing death? Or is it time to put on her big girl panties, take a stand and accept her birthright.

Whispers from the Bayou 2 - Destroy Teaser







Carnage (Whispers From the Bayou, Book 1) by Sandra R. Neeley


Carnage – Whispers From the Bayou, Book 1

Whispers from the Bayou 1 - Carnage Teaser 2

#WhispersFromtheBayou #Gargoyle #SandraRNeeley #Dontmakehimmad

Raised by a father who curses the day she was born, Carolena finds herself in the swamps of south Louisiana under the guise of overseeing her father’s investments. Things take a turn as she catches the eye of a local man. Carolena flees into the deepest, darkest, wildest portion of the swamps in an effort to escape the brothers and their plans for her. Death at the hands of the creatures in these wetlands is a better option, in her mind. Little does she know, she’s also caught the eye of the most dangerous creature there, one of legend — of nightmares.

Carnage is a Gargoyle. He’s also volatile, dangerous, unpredictable, and lonely. One evening minding his own business at the edge of the sanctuary he calls home, he spies a female. Carnage makes a snap decision that changes both their lives forever…

Whispers from the Bayou 1 - Carnage Teaser





The Love in Chaos by Liz Monroe

The Love in Chaos

There was a time when Jasper Everett had everything he wanted.

One chance.
I believed for everyone there was one chance at great love.
One perfect match.
But mine died.
So, I closed my heart and chased mistakes.
Until a desperate attempt at a relationship lead me back to the beginning.
It was somewhere I never thought I would be, but fate brought me back to her.
And now, I had a second chance with the one woman who was there for it all.
She was my foundation.
She was my mirror.
She was my best friend.
And after everything, I hoped she would be my redemption, too.


Whispers From the Bayou series by Sandra R. Neeley

Whispers From the Bayou series

Whispers from the Bayou Teaser

#Whispersinthedark #WatchYourBack #LegendsintheBayou #RibbonsandRow #SandraRNeeley

The swamps of south Louisiana shelter all manner of creature, paranormal as well as natural wildlife. Whispers is a community of paranormal beings hidden deep within most uninhabitable areas of these wetlands. All of its inhabitants — be they Vampires, Shifters, Gargoyles, Banshees, Ancients, Windigo, Merpeople, Fae or other — came here for one reason; Sanctuary. The members of this community intentionally migrated here over time in an effort to escape humankind and their intolerant ways. Some species were hunted to the point of near extinction, those few who survived, now live here. They all have one rule, one unbreakable rule — no humans. No humans are allowed to ever know of their community. It’s the only way they can all remain safely hidden away.

Carnage, Book 1

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Destroy, Book 2





The Beauty of Chaos by Liz Monroe

The Beauty of Chaos

I needed something new.
Somewhere new.
So I left.
It was selfish but I did it to protect my heart.
I didn’t think I would meet anyone.
I didn’t think I would give my heart away.
I didn’t think I could risk breaking all over again.
But I did meet someone.
I met him.
And I did give my heart away.
But this time I got to decide, let the love break me or accept that sometimes there’s beauty in chaos.

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Bam’s Ever (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 5) by Sandra R. Neeley


Bam’s Ever

Avaleighs Boys 5 - Bams Ever Teaser.jpg

Bam’s Ever – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 5

#SandraRNeeley #BearandFoxlove #Ever

Bramley, Bam, as he’s known to his friends and family is a Bear shifter. He’s also a healer. He senses things about others and the world around him, but he can’t get a sense of what’s right for himself. He’s always known he wasn’t enough for a Mate. And he’d accepted it; until her. The female that would have been his Mate, had he been born worthy of one. And didn’t fate just love to jerk him around? It wasn’t enough that he couldn’t have her, she had to be placed right in front of his eyes where he had to interact with her and watch her find the male she was truly destined for. But it’s okay, he’ll watch over her, protect her, and love her enough to let her go when she finds her male. Only now, after pushing her away repeatedly so she’d find her true One, she’s missing. And he’ll be damned if he will allow her to stay missing, her male should have protected her better. He’s gonna find her, he’s gonna bring her home, and whether he’s worthy or not, he’s making her his! If he survives, that is…

Everly grew up forced submit, used by the Fox skulk she was born into and especially by its heir apparent. It’s just the way of the world she lived in, but she’s always wanted more, wanted better. A chance encounter when she was young introduced her to a new friend and a whole new world of possibilities. Thanks to her friend and her friends’ brother, she learns to stand on her own, defend herself, and she refuses to settle for less than she knows she deserves. Then she meets him, her Mate. But he won’t have her, no matter how hard she tries. Until one night they finally connect, just when she thinks it’s all going to be okay, her world comes to a screeching halt when he rejects her a final time, telling her to go to a male that means nothing to her. She runs away from her home, her friends, everything, as she searches for solace. There’s only one thing that could bring her back, her Mate. And now he needs her; his very survival depends on her. She’s going after him, and after she saves him, she’ll walk away if he still doesn’t want her.





Maverik’s Ashes (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 4) by Sandra R. Neeley


Maverik’s Ashes

Avaleighs Boys 4 - Mavericks Ashes Teaser

Maverik’s Ashes – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 4

#SandraRNeeley #MaverikAss #WolvesForTheWin

Maverik’s broken. His entire world came crashing down around him without warning, stolen from him brutally in the night by the one female he entrusted his soul to. His Wolf is all he’s got left, both are bitter, wary, untrusting and dangerous. They hide behind a wall of snarky, biting humor erected to keep the rest of the world at bay as they try desperately to cling to survival each and every day. He’s managed to find shelter in a clan of shifters. They have given him the support he needs to nurse his wounds in his solitary, self-imposed emotional isolation. It’s barely an existence but it works for him, only now it’s getting harder. His clan is growing; they’re finding their Mates, their One. They‘re having babies, loving, laughing – living. And he’s not. He’s feeling more and more isolated. And the fact that he’s stumbled across another female that gives every indication that she’s his Mate is not helping. The last one almost destroyed him; there is no way in hell he will allow another female, any female, an opportunity to complete the job.

Valerie’s a Lion shifter. She’s independent, strong, loving and kind. She’s got more curves than a country backroad and gave up the struggle to be model perfect years ago. She’s learned to love who she is and knows exactly what she’s got to offer the right male. Her Lioness has dreamed all her life of finding the One male who’s meant for her, the one who will love her unconditionally and be proud to call her “Mine.” Unfortunately for her; the wild, tatted, mohawked and oh so sexy Wolf shifter who joins the local clan that frequents her brother’s bar is the male that her Lioness decides is hers. And the bastard won’t even acknowledge her existence! His repeated rebuffs of her attempts to just have a conversation with him end in her blazing hatred for him. If he can’t see past the curves that adorn her body to the amazing female underneath, it’s his loss, not hers. Why then, is it his face she sees each time she closes her eyes at night, each time her new fiancé’ kisses her?

Maverik’s had enough. The little Lioness calls to him in a way that he can no longer ignore. He wants her; forever. But before he can do anything about it, he’s got to deal with the ashes of his past. He’s got to go back, lay it all to rest and try to salvage some semblance of who he once was, of the honorable male that died that night. Maybe then he’ll be enough. Maybe then she’ll see him as the male he once was proud to be. Will he be able to man up, to make peace with his past before her hatred of him becomes so intense that she’ll never be able to see around it? He certainly hopes so, because without her, he’ll never survive.





 Kaid’s Queen  (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 3) by Sandra R. Neeley


Kaid’s Queen

Avaleighs Boys 3 - Kaids Queen

Kaid’s Queen – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 3


#AvaleighsBoys #BayouShifters #BadassBear #KindleUnlimited #SandraRNeeley

Kaid has watched as members of his clan have found and claimed their One; their Mate. He’s lonely and his Bear is growing bitter and despondent watching from the side. He’s tired of hurting. Then a visit from an old friend delivers his heart’s desire. She is beyond all he ever dreamed. But there’s a problem; she’s more Alpha than he is, housing a monster that even she is afraid to release.

Delilah was born in captivity. Her parents murdered. All she has ever known is rules, permissions, cruelty, forced to barter in trade each day for her very survival. The concept of love, family and happiness mean nothing to her; they are merely words. She believes she’s been left to die a slow painful death. Then a chance encounter saves her. She is taken on a journey to an Alpha who could be all she never knew she needed.

While Kaid and Delilah struggle to form a bond other than the obvious physical one, a vengeful, unseen threat from the past scurries into the periphery of their lives, threatening not only their new-found chance at happiness, but the lives of every member of their clan and the very land they call home. Will this threat be detected in time to save the lives of all Avaleigh’s Boys and everyone they Love?

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