I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate (Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 1) by Sandra R. Neeley

I’m Not a Dragon’s Mate!

Avaleighs Boys 1 - Im Not a Dragons Mate Teaser

I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate! – Avaleigh’s Boys, Book 1

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In the backroads and bayous of Louisiana lives a clan of badass Southern shifters who are family by choice. They cuss, they fight, they love hard and battle against the odds all in search of their One true Mate.

But always they stand together.

This is the beginning of their story….

I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate! Book 1, Avaleigh’s Boys,

In the backroads and bayous of Louisiana lives a clan of mix-matched shifters. Their Alpha, Kinkaid, has been kidnapped by a ruthless Dragon who thrives on torture and pain. Unable to contact his clan, and weak and unable to shift from his Bear, he has given up all hope.

One night a human female, Avaleigh, is chosen to be the Dragon’s Mate and brought to the Dragon’s compound against her will.  She is tortured to the brink of insanity. Gradually she realizes that she has no chance of freedom, but maybe she can save Kaid’s Bear. If she does, will he leave her there?

Sitting alone in a smoke-filled bar room, another Dragon waits. Stuck here, for no reason other than his Dragon refuses to leave, Daniel GreyStorm watches the patrons come and go.  Frustration keeping him company, wondering what fascination this bar holds for his Dragon. He doesn’t know he is on a collision course with Fate.

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Liz is the author of The Beauty of Chaos and The Love in Chaos from her Chaos series. She lives in a small town in Illinois surrounded by her three children, husband, and mildly well mannered cat. Writing creatively has always been a part of Liz’s life but it wasn’t until her debut novel did she try writing love stories, and well, she fell in love with it. When not reading or writing she can be found chasing her small humans around, on the back of her husband’s motorcycle, or baking cookies.

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Avaleigh’s Boys series by Sandra R. Neeley

Avaleighs Boys Teaser

Avaleigh’s Boys series

Avaleigh’s Boys, a family of badass southern shifters who make their home in the backwoods and bayous of South Louisiana. They fight, cuss, love hard and battle all odds in their search for their one true Mate; but always, they stand together. Family by choice, these Dragon, Bear, Wolf and Lion shifters will steal your heart and sweep you away to accompany them on their journeys. Come, join us, we’re waiting…🐲🐻🐺🦁


☆☆Books 1 – 5 Now Available on KU☆☆

I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate! http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MAXX68A

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Bam’s Ever https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079X46ZDN



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Hi Ya’ll. My name is Sandra R Neeley. I write Paranormal Romance with a small-town feel. Why, you may ask? Romance, because who doesn’t love a good romance, and Paranormal because, well, normal is highly overrated, so Paranormal it is. I’m 54, I have two kids, one 32 and one 12 (yes, God does have a sense of humor), one grandchild, one husband, and a menagerie of animals. Literally, too damn many things that eat wandering around our property. I love to cook, and I am a voracious reader, though since I started writing I don’t get as much time to read as I once did. I am a homebody and prefer my writing/reading time to a crowd. I have had stories and fictional characters wandering around in my head for as long as I can remember. I started letting them out into the real world and surprisingly, people have loved them. I am a Self-Published Author, and I like it that way because I can decide what and when to write. I am by no means a formal, polished, properly structured individual and neither are my stories. But people seem to love the easy emotion and small town feel that naturally flow from them. A bit of a warning though, there are some “triggers” in them that some people should avoid. I’m a firm believer that you cannot have light without the dark. You cannot fully embrace the joy and elation that my people eventually find if you do not bear witness to their darkest hours as well. So please be sure to read the warnings supplied with each of the synopses about my books before you buy them. I’ve got two series published at this time, ‘Avaleigh’s Boys’ and ‘Whispers From the Bayou,’ and three more in process. I’m a bit sarcastic, scathing actually, and a smartass to boot, so if I offend you it is most likely not intentional. But be prepared because it probably won’t be the last time. I’m always glad to hear from readers; those who have followed me from the beginning, and those who have just found my people. So, feel free to look me up and say hello, or just follow along; either way, I’m glad to have you.

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