Author Spotlight – Harper Phoenix


Do you Love an Alpha male?

How about a Badass female?

Enjoy a sexually driven relationship with off the charts chemistry?

If you do, then Forbidden Love is the book for you!

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Devon Hathaway finally has a chance to have the life she’s always longed for.

A pack.

A family.

An alpha she’s crazy about. But she’s naïve and unsure, entering into a world she’s been shielded from her entire life.

When secrets from her past threaten to tear her world apart, can she overcome them? Can she keep her Alpha?

Jared Stone is an alpha heir. His future has already been decided, but his whole life changes when a new female comes to town.

From the moment he sees her, he wants her.

The moment he touches her, he needs her.

The moment he tastes her… all bets are off.

Jared will do anything to make her his.

Secrets can be deadly.

But so can he.

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This book is for adults 18+ only. It contains sexual content and violence.



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Following her abduction, Maiya’s life is turned upside down. Her only wish is that death will come calling her name soon, but instead she’s left with an addiction she can’t shake…and is stuck in a life she never even knew existed.

And then there is Brad…

When Brad is given babysitting duty, he does everything in his power to keep Maiya safe. But he didn’t bargain on what he would get in return. His world is tilted on its axis when he starts to fall for the bi**h taking over his space. And no amount of trying will make his feelings go away.

Can Love really conquer all? Or is that just a foolish sentiment?

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This book is for adults 18+ only. It contains sexual content and violence.


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Howard Clarke is the enforcer of the pack,

he’s second in command,

and the pack has always come first.

Until her…

Willow is new to the Stone Pack,

their chemistry is off the charts

and their feelings mutual…

Howard has given up fighting the inevitable,

realizing that he’s just fighting fate… but can it last?

Fate brought them together, but is HIS Love strong enough for the two of them?

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This book is for adults 18+ only. It contains sexual content and violence.


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Devon is the alpha female, mated to the man of her dreams.

With a wedding to organise, and a baby on the way, things are looking better than ever.

Everything is perfect until they get an unexpected surprise making Jared throw a wrench in the works.

Will they make it down the aisle? Or will all those best laid plans go to waste?

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This book is for adults 18+ only. It contains sexual content and violence.


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Harrison has never been your average guy. He just didn’t fit the mould.

His past is behind him and now he has purpose.

A job.

And he does it well.

He lives for it and is prepared to die for it.

He’s damaged but finally accepted. He has everything he needs, or so he thought.

Grace is broken, vulnerable and on the run. Carrying a piece of her past with her, a past she’s desperate to leave behind.

But as the past and present collide she turns to Harrison for help.

Could he be the man for her?

But more importantly can she tame the wolf?

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~What reader’s are saying~

“Harper has produced another story that holds your heart and just makes you fall in love with all the characters.” -Tracy W.

“Book 3 in the Stone Pack series proves that Harper Phoenix is just getting better and better with her storytelling.” -Sharon J.

Stone Pack Series

~Forbidden Love (Stone Pack Series # 1)

~Complicated Love (Stone Pack Series #2)

~Fated Love (Stone Pack Series #3)

~Always and Forever (A Stone Pack novella #3.5)

~Dare to Love (Stone Pack Series #4)

Find them all here:


Author Spotlight – Harper Phoenix


20 Questions with Harper Phoenix

1. What made you decide to become an author?  

I don’t think I ever did decide, it just happened… I wrote a story and sat on it for years not knowing how to publish, then I stumbled across the indie world… and the rest is history!

2. What is the hardest thing about writing for you? 

For me its not the actual writing I find hard, it’s finding the time in my busy life to actually get quality time with my characters and write the words. My life is BUSY!

3. Do you have any routines or superstitions that you go through whenever you write a book – Such as a specific room to write in, certain drink, same pen/pencil every time, specific music or noise? Release a book?

No I don’t think I do, I like to write when its quiet, sometimes I will listen to music if it suits the scene/chapter I’m writing. Like my most recent book that I’m in edits with atm, I listened to Lewis Capaldi on repeat.  Sometimes though the music can be a distraction and I’ll find myself singing along and writing the lyrics instead. But I’m not really superstitious.

4. Who is the one person in the writing profession who has inspired you the most?

Ohh this is a tough one. There are so many people that I really respect in the community to choose just one would be too difficult.

5. Which character is your favourite? Which character was the hardest to write? Why?

I think from my series my fave character is Brad, just because he came from nowhere and demanded my attention, and he has a sense of humour much like my husbands. So I adore that about him.

I think Maiya was a difficult character to write just because of what she suffered but that book to date still remains one of my faves to write. Also Harrison’s book was hard because of his history and it is the darkest book I’ve written so far.

6. Would you consider collaborating on a book with anyone else? If so…who?  Who would be your unicorn author to collaborate with?

I have collaborated with Eva Jones and I loved the whole process, and we will be doing it again sometime very soon!

Unicorn collaboration… hmmm… Jordan Marie (she’s hilarious) or JR Ward.

7. Who is your favorite author…someone that you will buy their book even without thinking?

Other than the two above I one click TM Frazier without reading the blurb.

8. What is your best piece of advice for someone who wants to write or publish?

Get an editor! Lol

9.  If you could ask your readers 1 question and have them all answer…what would it be?

Who is their fave character and what would they like to see from me next? I know technically that’s two but… in one sentence its okay haha

10. What is your writing kryptonite?

Time! Plain and simple there aren’t enough hours in a day for me. So writing often takes a back seat.

11. Do you plot out your book or do you write as you go?

I start with an Idea and a character or maybe two. The character always develops first in my head, then I let them tell the story, I may have wanted it to go one way, and it ends up in a completely different direction. But I’m a pantster for sure. Sometimes I finish a chapter and I’m like wow I didn’t see that coming.

12. Do you want each book or series to stand on its own or are you building a universe where all the books/series connect with each other?

My series is paranormal but set in the normal human world. That series will stand on its own, I have written contemporary more recently, and there will be no crossover.

13. If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice related to writing what would it be?

I would say pay more attention in business class! Marketing is the worst aspect of publishing for me.

14. What is the biggest lesson you learned after you published your first book?

That its not an easy career choice, and I’m a small fish in a huge ocean. And you have to work your ass off to get noticed.

15.  What is a guilty pleasure?

I love coca cola. I’m addicted. I need to quit it but I have no willpower.

16. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Not really I like to see different places so we don’t tend to go to the same place more than once.

17. What’s an Item on your bucket list? 

Travel the world.

18. Do you have a spirit animal?  If so, what is it?    

Hell yeah! A Wolf!

19. What is your favorite holiday & why?

Christmas, because I love the faces of the kids on Christmas morning and I love that everyone is together.

20. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?

My fave sweets to have on Halloween are haribo’s. But I’m from the Uk and think our candy is inferior in comparison to the USA. lol


About Harper Phoenix

I was born and bred in East Yorkshire England, and I still live in my hometown, with my husband and children.

My journey with stories began when I was just a child, I would often scribble down wherever my dreams or imagination took me.

My journey with writing stories, began much later when I became ill and housebound for a period of eighteen months. I decided I would escape real life and become immersed in a story of my creation. With the support of my husband and family my first real story was born. I would stay up night after night tapping the keys of my trusty laptop, while my husband lay sleeping beside me. I was hooked. But it wasn’t as easy as that. My story needed work. A lot of it. And it sat on my computer for some years after that. Later on I decided to embark on another journey. I went to university, where I studied Creative writing and english literature.

I then decided with a new wealth of knowledge that I would once again delve into the world that I had created. I had never forgotten the characters and would often think about what I would have liked to have done with them over the years. I had grown to love them for getting me through a very difficult period in my life, and I wanted other people to read all about them. And so I began to rewrite my book.

It wasn’t until I delved into the ‘Book world’ on facebook that I discovered the ‘Indie book world.’ It’s amazing! So many authors are now being heard publishing this way, and I can only hope that my books will leave a lasting memory for some or all of you readers too!


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