Dank by Emery LeeAnn


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**A short horror story**
Dank has only known pain and darkness his whole life. When one strong dose of radiation awakens his inner clown, the onslaught is chaos.
Get ready for this new brand of horror. You may find yourself rooting for the killer or you may not. Either way, enjoy the ride.

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Misti – 

This is a short story that as you read it you find yourself rooting for Dank. He could be the guy everyone thinks he is it maybe he’s the one no one knows who they are and sometimes those are truly the ones you watch for.


Insanity by Ed Bar


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Warning: This book contains graphic descriptions of violence and disturbing imagery, and may trigger past traumatic events. Read at your own risk.

What if insanity wasn’t a condition? What if it was a consciousness? An uncaring entity that can infect the hearts and minds of anyone at anytime?

Insanity is a horror anthology of 13 interlocking, bone-chilling tales of innocent lives being claimed in the name of the eternal sentience of insanity. It feeds on terror, and it hungers for you. This is one book you will be too terrified to put down. Will you be safe? Can you escape the Insanity?


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Misti – 

This is probably the most horror book I’ve read in a very long time. It is an anthology however as one story ends it flows into another and when your done you realize how they are all linked together. From the first turn of the page until the last line you read the author takes you on his journey of Insanity. As horrific as some of the events were that happened there was definitely snark in there to break it up. I’m not sure which story i enjoyed the most. I definitely recommend to anyone that enjoys slasher books and some off the wall antics I’ve never seen before.


The Meaning of Hell by T.S. Woolard



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From The Southern Tale Spinner’s darkest side, courtroom scenes so vivid, so engrossing, at first you may forget you’re reading a story from the man who’s been to Hell himself, the transgressive terror T.S. Woolard–until the fists fly out of the page and grab you by the throat. Yes, this is Hell, and it’s going to get so much worse for Attorney John Rhaport. John represents an insane and guilty client, a man who committed heinous crimes–a giant who terrifies John and pulls him into Hell. Horrific scenes of violence will flow like ice water through your veins. Unexpected plot twists and a riveting ending wrap up this gripping page-turner. By adding his transgressive talents to the Courtroom Thriller, I believe T.S. Woolard has created an exciting new genre.

Dona Fox – Multi-award winning author of “Darker Tales from the Den”

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Betsy – 

In The Meaning of Hell, we follow the trial of serial killer Jerry Thomas and the events that unfolded afterward. We get a look into the mind of Jerry Thomas through his defense attorney John Rhaport. In his quest to find a defense of Jerry we find him pouring through files from a psychiatrist he saw as a young adult Dr. Steinhardt. We see how depraved and disturbed Jerry truly is as well as almost understand why he’s become the killer he has. A fantastic story that takes you on a disturbing ride, however, once it’s over you’re looking for more. A definite must read for horror and thriller lovers.

Dank by Emery LeeAnn New Release


The Evolution of a Clown
By: Emery LeeAnn

Cover: Just Write. Creations

Editing: Mitch Workman

Link: mybook.to/Dank


*A short horror story*
Dank has only known pain and darkness his whole life. When one strong dose of radiation awakens his inner clown, the onslaught is chaos.
Get ready for this new brand of horror. You may find yourself rooting for the killer or you may not. Either way, enjoy the ride.

#ShortHorrorStory #KillerClown

The Lost Souls of Brunswick (VooDoo Lily Series) by Emery LeeAnn

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Welcome to Brunswick State Mental Hospital.
On today’s agenda is an array of insanity, some violent, some not but all ready for your inspection. Lead Psychologist, Alexis Dhavern is auditing and would love your opinion.
They say that “truth is often stranger than fiction.” I’ll let you make up your own minds on that one after you have visited the patients…. Enjoy your visit and I hope to see you again in the future, providing of course that you leave in the same manner you arrived at?
Dr. Dhavern will be watching….


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Betsy – 

The Lost Souls of Brunswick delves into the case files of various patients that have been sent to Brunswick State Mental Hospital. With each chapter, you are treated to a different patients’ story. At the beginning of each chapter you are horrified by the actions taken by each person however as their stories are laid out, you start to see why they did what they did. Each story had that moment when the character snapped and the aftermath of that. Believable characters and a fast-paced story made this a great read.

Misti –


My first book by this author and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a collection of stories about different patients at Brunswick mental hospital. This book had sadness, horror, and blood and gore, however, it was the story of the patients and how they ended up there that make you wonder how those things could happen to them. You won’t be disappointed with this book once you start you can’t put it down.


Vile Inheritance by Ed Bar

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When Vicky Rhoades inherits her absentee father’s cabin, her friends convince her to take them camping. She agrees, planning on using the opportunity to lose her virginity before she and her boyfriend go off to separate colleges.

As the teens engage in heavy drinking, drug use and sexual proclivities, a man stalks them, hiding in the woods, waiting for his chance to pick them off one by one in a twisted plot of revenge.

In this literary take on classic 80’s slasher films, a young woman struggles to maintain her self-respect, her friendships and her very survival.


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Misti – 

A young girl who has been pretty shelled by her mom goes out for a weekend getaway with friends from school. What starts out as a fun couple days turns to hysteria and terror in a very short time. As you see everything unfold before your eyes and leaves you wanting more.


13 Demons Way by SE Rise

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Don’t bother knocking because no one is home. Just turn the doorknob and enter. Please leave your Good Book, Rosary and Cross at the door. Take your coat off and feel free to hang it on the rack. Dirty shoes are allowed in here and never mind the dark stains on the carpet. Prepare yourself my new friend because Hell’s doors have opened and the Demons have come out to play. Welcome to 13 Demons Way.


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13 Demons Way is a compilation of 13 stories that are centered around demons. The 13 short stories are a combination of stories from previously published works and others are newly written. None of the stories were exceptionally scary, some were creepier than others, like The Santa Exorcism. I loved the fact that within this one book I got exposure to some of his other stories that I will surely have to read. Each story is stand alone and you can read them at your leisure. However, once I started I wanted to read until I got through all 13 stories. A must read for short story lovers.


Fantastic especially if you love short stories.

This is a great book to start with a complying of short stories from an author. Some of these were original made specifically for this book. Others were from other chapters in his other books. The thing I loved the most was knowing where I wanted to go next in his books. I also want to say I don’t think this was necessarily horror to me. Was is scary part, but not the blood gore that most think about it was more the thriller, suspense, psychological. You know the tingling down your spine and I would definitely recommend this book to anyone especially ones that loved paranormal.



Sparks: An Inferno Prequel by Yolanda Olsen Cover Reveal


Cover Reveal

Sparks: An Inferno Prequel
Cover by Abigail Davies of Pink Elephant designs

Coming Soon

Ready to meet Mom?

add it here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/41099890-sparks

My son is a good man.

I know what you think about him, because I know what he’s done, but you have to understand that it’s not his fault.

He was something of a misanthrope in his youth and that can be attributed to his father.

Please understand that I will take the blame for my part in wrecking his soul, but it’s so hard to resist a boy so sweet.

He’s always loved me most of all and I took advantage of that.

Until you feel what I felt in his arms don’t judge me too harshly.

Don’t hate my son for the sins of his mother.

I betrayed his trust.

I made him into the man he’s become.

God help me.

This is my confession.

Psycho Circus: A Collection of Horror by T.S. Woolard


Blurb – 

The Southern Tale Spinner bursts from the North Carolina pines with his third straight victory, Psycho Circus! This collection has the tall task of living up to Woolard’s last two books, and it does not disappoint as it punches out vicious themes of love and death.

Woolard performs his hallmark feats, showing off high-risk maneuvers with bold grisly delight as he catapults the terror to new heights in ten standout stories. Six beautifully brutal poems slice between the tales. Hardcore highlights capture the essence of the cult phenomenon that is the Southern Tale Spinner. The collection too quickly climaxes with the cruelest, the show stealer, the novelette, Heaven’s Healer from Hell.

All the drama, gore, and blood that a transgressive horror fan desires. Emotionally charged, innovative, revolting. Will cut fresh wounds and salt lingering injuries from Woolard’s earlier works. Lives up to every ounce of hype. Another spectacular collection hardwired to make you feel alive.

–Dona Fox, multi-award winning author of Darker Tales from the Den.


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

Psycho Circus is not a book that I would normally choose however I recently joined a book club and this was our first read. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found between the pages of this book. The short stories and poems truly blew me away. Almost each of the stories in this book made me think of either the lesson that was hidden in the words or how I would have reacted to the events that played out. I think I thought more about the words written in this book than I do for some books I’ve read that contains one single story. An amazing read by an author that I can’t wait to read more from.


This is not my normal genre however I’m pleased to have read this. I was surprised first off at the short stories by how much I enjoyed them. I’m usually the one getting lost into the story but here the way the words seemed to fall effortlessly onto the page makes you wonder how much harder it is for the author. I saw him being referred to as the Southern Tale Spinner and I have to agree that he didn’t disappoint at anytime. I can’t wait to read more from him.


Dank by Emery LeeAnn Cover Reveal & Preorder

🤡🔪🤡Cover Reveal & Preorder!🤡🔪🤡
Dank: The Evolution Of A Clown
☆By: Emery LeeAnn
☆Cover: Just Write. Creations
☆Editing: Mitch Workman
☆Pre-Order Now: mybook.to/Dank
*A short horror story*
Dank has only known pain and darkness his whole life. When one strong dose of radiation awakens his inner clown, the onslaught is chaos.
Get ready for this new brand of horror. You may find yourself rooting for the killer or you may not. Either way, enjoy the ride.
#ShortHorrorStory #KillerClown #OneClickThisBitch #EmerysWonderland
Coming October 11th.