The Professor by Luke Prescott

Blurb –

I’m Professor Drake Grayson. I’ve been teaching Psychology for the last few years at Fox University. It’s a great university, filled with a wide variety of students. Some eager to learn, some eager to get in my pants.

I’ve never crossed that line. I’ve never taken advantage of the power I have. I’ve never wanted to bend a student over my desk like I have with Emma Bower. She makes me want to forget I’m her professor and teach her things that she’ll remember forever. But is the risk worth it?

I’m Emma Bower. I’m in my last year of Fox University as a Psychology major. I can’t wait to get out into the real world and pick people apart. It’s been an amazing four years filled with memories that I’ll never forget.

Especially the penetrating stare of Professor Grayson. That man has been in every fantasy I’ve had since the day I walked in his class. I know he’s untouchable, forbidden, he’s my professor, my mentor. But what if his touches lasted longer and his eyes darkened with a wicked grin? What if the professor everyone wants, wanted me? Would the risk be worth it?

There’s only one way to find out.


Our Reviews – 

Betsy – 

The Professor is a taboo student/teacher romance. The chemistry between Emma and Professor Grayson is off the charts. Their emotional connection is just as deep as their physical one. The secondary characters in the story are also well written and I definitely want to see if any will get their own stories in the future. A quick, steamy read that also pulls at your heart-strings.

Meghann – 

This book was beyond amazing! As soon as I started reading it I was captivated and hooked. It’s the kind of hooked where you just can’t put the book down. Its full on build up, angst, passion, and just HOT! Pure perfection!

Professor Grayson cares about his job, he does, but it’s hard when you have all these beautiful college girls throwing themselves at you on a daily basis. It makes him sort of an asshole on the out side, A hot one, but he doesn’t want to deal with the consequences.
He keeps his guard firmly in tact but, uh oh, enter Emma Bower. A student in one of his classes that he is quite intrigued with.

Emma is the smart beauty. Hard working and wants to succeed after she gets her degree. She keeps her focus but her psychology professor makes it tough. She doesn’t want to be like all the other girls and just throw herself at him. But secretly, she really does.

The sexual tension just builds and builds between them and you know it will be explosive. You can feel it while reading. It’s the best kind of slow burn. What happens when they can’t take any more? Will they be able to survive the consequences? You have to read and see!

Luke did an amazing job with this story. I love all his books but he knocked it out of the park. Definitely, a must read.