Tito by Scott Hildreth


Blurb –

The only man in my life I felt I could trust was my father.

A detective assigned to San Diego’s gang crime unit; his focus was outlaw motorcycle clubs.

His nemesis?

A gang of thieves who had wreaked havoc on the city’s financial institutions for nearly two decades.

As fate would have it, I was preparing for a one-night stand with a tough-looking biker. As long as my father didn’t find out, everything would be fine.

If he learned of my fling with the tattooed bad boy, I could certainly talk my way out of it. The odds of Taddeo ‘Tito” Silva being in my father’s crosshairs was impossible.

Or, so I thought.

TITO is book 6 of a 6-book series and can be read as a Stand-alone. It has no cheating, no sex outside the relationship, and has an HEA.


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Tito by Scott Hildreth is the sixth and final book in the Devil’s Disciples series.  This book is a fitting end to an amazing series.  Each book brought the readers to the eventual end however there is no way that they saw this coming.  The love story between Tito and Reggie was perfection.  Their matched wits and intellect was refreshing. The chemistry was also off the charts. However, it was the total story that made this a home run for me.  While it tied up the series with a nice bow, we also got glimpses of some of the characters that readers know and love from the author’s other books.  I give this two very ecstatic thumbs up.



GOOSE (Devil’s Disciples MC Book 4) by Scott Hildreth


Blurb – 

ALLY – He looked like he needed a “pick me up”, so I gave him one. In passing, I shoved my panties into the pocket of his leather jacket. It wasn’t typical behavior for me, but he wasn’t a typical biker.

It didn’t matter. I’d never see him again.

When he appeared at my favorite diner a few days later, my jaw hit the floor.

My panties weren’t far behind.

When I found out he was a thief, I grinned at the common bond we shared.

Then, I took his wallet.

I planned to steal his heart next.

First, I’d have to tell him the truth.

The entire truth.

GOOSE – Finding my pantyless Cinderella wasn’t going to be an easy task. I told myself if—and when—I did find her, I’d make her mine for one glorious night.

I quickly learned one night would never be enough.

I knew relationships weren’t for outlaw bikers. Relationships required honesty.

Being honest about club business was contradictory to the MC’s rules.

The only way around it was if she became a member of the MC.

We needed a member, no doubt. Not a smart-mouthed chick with a bold attitude, though. Unless she was a died-in-the-wool thief and a getaway car driver…


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Still in Shock

After the last book in this series I couldn’t wait to see where this author was going to go and trust me when I say he didn’t disappoint.  Just when I think that one book can’t be outdone I’m proven once again to be wrong.

Goose has been torn upside down from losing one of his closest friends and he has struggled the most I believe with this.  When he sees Ally the first time there is attraction there that catches him off guard especially with what he finds she left him.  However, once he meets her he realizes that she is definitely unlike anyone he has ever met.

Ally is one of the strongest women I’ve see written in awhile.  She is who she is no apologies and she is smart and talented beyond belief.  She has this honestly about her that Goose is intrigued by however his biggest thing is TRUST.  That’s his hardest thing to do and he struggles with this throughout.

Anyone who has read this series will definitely want to read this and anyone who likes a strong female will enjoy this.  


Raining Hell: A Steel Veins MC by Jackson Kane & K.J. Dahlen Release Blitz

Raining Hell: A Steel Veins MC by Jackson Kane  & K.J. Dahlen

Amazon Universal: mybook.to/RainingHellSVMC5

To protect a brother, I took a hit for my MC club.
I did the time for a crime I didn’t commit.
Now my freedom is here and I come home to find my own brother hiding a secret.
But that’s not the only secret out there.
I find out I have a daughter and I’m sure she’s mine.
Her mother deceived me.
Kept her a secret from me.
And now my daughter is in danger because of a feud with an old adversary.
This war is going to leave someone dead,
And I swear it won’t be Grace.
I will protect what is mine…

Author Note: Raining Hell is an MC Novel set in the Steel Veins that’s chock full of steamy sex, nail-biting violence and heart-racing adventure in a way that Jackson Kane is notorious for. This can be read as a standalone but is recommended you begin from Break Hard.

Amazon Universal: mybook.to/RainingHellSVMC5
Goodreads: http://bit.ly/RainingHellGoodreads

GHOST (Devil’s Disciples MC Book 3) by Scott Hildreth

Blurb – 

Stand-alone, no cheating, no cliffhanger, HEA. CAUTION: This book defines love in the purest of senses. It will fill your heart so full there will be room for nothing else. For that, the author apologizes.


Porter Reeves was a real biker. On the day we met, that was all that mattered. It was his ticket into my life. His entry fee. On that day, he took me on a journey. One that would change my life, open my eyes, and fill my heart.

I soon learned that Porter was on a collision course, and that he was unwilling to help himself. I felt that I could provide him with the help he desperately needed, if he would simply subject himself to change.

Coercing an outlaw biker to consider change isn’t an easy task.


It’s one hell of a fun ride.


Abby Northrop came into my life by mistake. A celebrity, philanthropist, and lover of all things life, she was exactly what I didn’t need in my life. She was a do-gooder, and I’d never done anything good in my thirty-one years on earth.

Nonetheless, I let her in. Just for one night.

My plan was to screw her and walk away.

It had worked in the past.

Hell, it was all I knew.

After one night, I knew walking away from Abby wasn’t going to be easy.

But, I never took the easy way out of anything.


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I’m really not sure what to say about this book. Out of all of Scott’s books, this one hit me as no other has. Porter (Ghost) and Abby’s story was everything. Sometimes sweet, sometimes sexy, sometimes amusing, sometimes serious but it was always real. As the pages dwindled down the pit in my stomach grew. The one thing you can say about Scott is that he is always true to the characters and the story as it comes to him. This is the perfect example. Not your typical romance novel with your typical HEA, this for sure delivers a punch unlike anything else I’ve read. Ghost will go down as one of my top reads in 2018 and for sure earned a place as a book I’ll read over and over.


While I’ve been a huge fan forever this book….right here. Has dragged me through the mud. I’m normally the person that as soon as this author drops a book I’m all in and don’t come up for air until I’m done. Not with this one. I had to read then stop compose myself then repeat. After almost 24 hours I’m finally able to post my review.

Stock up on Kleenex and alcohol you’re going to need it. Porter and Abby will take you on a journey that you’re not ready for. The hope, the love, the way they both touch your heart for different reasons. The strength they both show I’ve never EVER said this before. I’m not sure in my eyes this author will ever be able to out do this book. As I come off a hangover like no other I’ve ever had from this author. From the bottom of my heart I thank you even though I think you may have broken me a bit with this one.