Oh, Bite Me: Paranormal Dating Agency (Guardians of the Deep) by Chris Genovese

Blurb – 

Wolves, bears, tigers, and dragons. Shifters come in so many shapes and sizes, but not all alphas are on dry land.

Thane patrols the water off the coast of Australia, making sure a school of rebel sharks doesn’t attack human tourists. Selflessly putting himself in harm’s way means little time trying to find his one true mate.

Penny has sworn off dating after meeting the wrong kind of shifter—the douchebag kind with a nasty temper. However, a chance encounter while on vacation in Australia finds her sitting by the pool next to Geraldine Wilder, supernatural matchmaking guru. In typical Gerri style, she’s having none of that “love isn’t for me” nonsense.

Now, with the Paranormal Dating Agency in her corner, will Penny finally have a chance at her happily ever after? Will she find what she’s been looking for in Thane, the flirtatious stranger she meets on a party cruise? Or will she find herself in deep, dangerous water?

This is a tiger shark shifter story. Be prepared to get wet.


Our Reviews – 

Misti – 

I’ve followed this author for a while now and I have read lots of different genres in my reading life.

However, having said that I must admit when he said he was doing a shark shifter book I thought how is this going to work?  I should have known that this author and his imagination and the way he challenges himself.  I knew he had this somehow worked out. I was hooked from the beginning the depth of characters and the writing keep you hooked.

I read from start to finish in one sitting and I’m left astonished by how in-depth the writing was it was like I was there with them. Amazing just so great thank you for the ride.




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