The Fade Books 1-3 (S E Rise’s The Fade series) by S.E. Rise

Blurb – 

There is a place of lost and forgotten things, where wind swept angels of newspapers old dance upon the breeze of the past. Powerful machines push the memories into the dark of oblivion and the streets are paved with lost keys. It is a place where the messages in bottles are washed upon the shore of the River Styx and the old forgotten paths can unerringly lead you home. It is the place of Myth and Legend.


Our Reviews – 

Misti –

In this story you meet Jack, a reaper, one of many who severs the souls of the dead. However, the twist a bit in this is that if you see him once you loose eye contact with him he disappears from your memory. One day he meets a woman that could possible change his life as he knows it. This author paints a vivid picture of the Fade and makes you so engrossed in the story that you keep reading page by page cause you can’t put it down. This is definitely a paranormal book lover must read. Also a book for those that like romance because there is the question of can love conquer all?

As you move into the next part you learn more about The Fade and I honestly thought the author would pick up where he left off with Jack and Bryn.  However, I’m learning not to expect anything.  Here you will be introduced to Ginger that’s a gypsy and she’s done everything she can to be with the Demon that she loved.

As the book moves into the last part you will the learn more about the Witch and how she fits in as you start seeing the story being laid before your eyes.  The imagination this author has makes you definitely wonder what his other books are like.  I definitely would recommend this series to any paranormal lover because you are literally stuck in this world that the author has built himself and it’s like no other.


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